3 Practical Tips For Minimizing Bitterness During Divorce Proceedings

What began as a storybook romance has devolved into a union of bitterness and misery. Although a part of you will always care for your husband, there’s no way you can overlook how unhappy you’ve made each other over the last few years. To make matters worse, your marital discourse hasn’t been lost on your children. They may be young, but they’re perceptive enough to realize that Mom and Dad are having problems. Realizing that such an unhappy marriage is destructive to you, your husband and your children, you’ve decided to begin divorce proceedings. However, to ensure that things stay civil between you and your soon-to-be ex throughout this process, there are several practical tips you’ll need to utilize. So if you’re determined to make your divorce as frictionless as possible, put the following tips into practice.

3 Practical Tips For Minimizing Bitterness During Divorce Proceedings

Hire a Skilled Attorney

When shopping around for the right divorce lawyer, look for an attorney who stresses compromise and communication. Far too often, divorce lawyers encourage bitterness in their clients and set out to bleed their exes dry. Not only is this approach to divorce emotionally unhealthy, it can be rather draining on your personal finances. After all, the less willing both parties are to compromise, the more money they’ll wind up spending in legal fees. Anyone in the Chicago area looking for a reliable divorce attorney who promotes compromise is urged to contact the seasoned professionals at Conniff Law Offices.

Don’t Use Your Children as Weapons

Desperate to hurt one another, many couples going through divorce use their children as weapons. In addition to making concerted efforts to limit each other’s contact with their kids, they’ll also incessantly badmouth one another to their children whenever they have the opportunity. When locked in the throes of a heated divorce, it’s easy to become overtaken by bitterness. However, it’s important to keep in mind that your ex is the father of your children, and unless he’s been abusive or has a history of substance abuse, he has just as much right to spend time with your children as you do. Speaking ill of your ex to your kids is liable to make them feel as if their loyalty is being put to the test and ultimately reflect poorly on you as a parent.

Have a Solid Support Network in Place

As any divorcee can confirm, going through a divorce can be an emotionally exhausting experience. Without a solid support network of friends and family members in place, the anger, stress and financial burdens synonymous with divorce are likely to overwhelm you. Whenever you’ve reached your breaking point and need someone to talk to, call up a close friend or family member to discuss your troubles. Additionally, if you’re able to afford it, consider seeing a therapist who has experience counseling divorcees. If money’s a bit too tight for therapy, look into attending a support group for people going through divorces.

Few things are sadder and more stressful than the dissolution of a once happy marriage. All too often, couples compound their stress by setting out to completely destroy one another. However, by hiring a skilled attorney, keeping your children out of the fight and having a solid support network in place, you can effectively end your marriage in a civil manner.

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