3 Tips to Running the Best Coffee Shop in Your City

Having the cutest coffee shop is essential to make it in this business. This is because everyone posts on social media where they are having coffee. The better your coffee shop looks, the more luck you will have in attracting customers. Here are some ways to make sure you are running the most Instagram-worthy coffee shop in your city:

Invest in the interior of your coffee shop

Interior is almost as important as the coffee. Not entirely, but it is up there on the importance scale. This means having a style that is notable, and then sticking with it. Coffee shops are great for customers to relax in and work in. This means clean colors, cool art and plants are all important for coffee shop ambiance. You want to have a space that has every design element thought out.

This means everything from looking into commercial wood doors to having the cutest coffee cups. People want to walk into a coffee shop and feel like every part of the look and experience has effort put into it. Start with the walls, floors and doors. Building the perfect shell for a great space is the first step to creating a photo-worthy space. Customers will recognize the cohesiveness and uniqueness of the shop and be sure to come back for more.

Know your “thing” in regards to your coffee style

Having the right coffee brand is a great way to attract customers. People don’t want a coffee shop that has the same coffee as everywhere else. They want something unique that makes it feel like their experience is different from just any normal coffee run. Try offering specialty lattes that are different from every other seasonal coffee shop. Hire baristas who are great at experimenting and coming up with amazing coffee drink ideas.

People will return to coffee shops where they find their favorite coffee type. If your shop is unique and has the right combination of ambiance and delicious coffee, success is in the books. An idea is to find your thing in coffee. Some shops focus on a certain roast. Some shops focus on specialty drinks. Find the best coffee from the region you want to market and run with it! Coffee has so much room for creativity and branding to emerge. Coffee shops that have mediocre coffee aren’t going to pop up in people’s heads as the place to go for a great cup of joe.

Pay attention to the small coffee shop issues that other shops haven’t fixed

The lines and ordering process at coffee shops is a small detail that many coffee shops ignore. There are so many small ways to make ordering easier for customers and workers. Think about coffee shops where the ordering process is awkward and unintuitive. This ultimately could lead to people having a poor experience because they weren’t sure when their coffee was done or where to order. This also could cause for awkward waiting areas that become crowded. When building the coffee counter in your shop, think about where the door is and where ordering would make the most sense. This will make your customers have a seamless experience.

Another detail that other coffee shops sometimes ignore is the technology aspect. So many little things that can make the process easier for employees and customers. You will retain employees when you have easy shift-swapping software and easier cash register technology. Certain systems make ringing up drinks so much easier. This allows for less stress on the employees and more time for them to perfect the drinks.

These tips will drive your city coffee shop to success. Pay attention to details and think about what retains customers!

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