Business Trip To Hong Kong: Beginner’s Guide

Like other business destinations, Hong Kong also has a number of attractions. Without the visit of restaurants and fantastic markets, your trip to Hong Kong cannot be called complete. The city is famous for islands, ferry, low-cost attractions and business.

You can pass your time by window shopping or by watching people at the local markets like Soho, Stanley Market, Lan Kwai Fong, Ladies’ Market or Harbour city. If you are big on the pocket, you can go for a game at Happy Valley Race Course, Coliseum, Queen Elizabeth Stadium, Hong Kong Stadium, and Sha Tin Race Course.

There is simply no shortage of destinations in Hong Kong that are worth visiting. You will get tired but not bored moving around in the city. No doubt; you can’t do all the by walking. Hong Kong is not so small it’s a pretty big city.

Business Trip To Hong Kong Beginner's Guide

Hiring a car in Hong Kong is not wise idea actually. However, if you need to; I’ll give a few reliable names in Hong Kong car rental industry. But before that, let me give you a few words of advice.

Hong Kong’s Public Transport System

Hong Kong’s public transport system is so good that you really don’t need to hire car. The transport system is so impressive that you will forget New York Metro and London’s Tube Rail. Hong Kong is actually a compact city and its public transport, MTR Metro System covers each and every inch of the city including Kowloon Island. The metro is clean, safe and air-conditioned completely. You can go every corner of the city by metro. If you will need to walk a little distance somewhere, it will be a fun walk for you.

Business Trip To Hong Kong Beginner's Guide

Hong Kong’s Driving Conditions

Hong Kong is a bit congested city and driving conditions are not ideal. You will find well-maintained roads, but they are a bit narrow. With so little space on the roads, traffic is bound to be congested. However, you will get to see a lot of things on the way, but your travel will be longer.

Business Trip To Hong Kong: Beginner's Guide

Moreover, car to road space density in Hong Kong is one of the highest especially around north Hong Kong and Kowloon. Car parking in Hong Kong is pricey and hardly any hotel offers free car parking. You will find a few private car parking, but you will be forced to shell out a good amount.

Finally, you must note that Hong Kong has British style driving: left hand and manual gear. Rest is left to your choice.

However, if you have landed in new territories, away from metro, you might be forced to hire a car; can’t help it. Yes! Roads in the new territories are spacious. You can get some impressive drives.

Hong Kong Car Hire Firms

Under such conditions, car rental firms in Hong Kong very good business prospects. Therefore, they want to make best out of the available conditions. If you are forced to hire a car, you will find fewer options and you have to pay more compared to other similar destinations around the globe.

For a car hire, you are advised to try an aggregator like Kayak first. It will compare offers from different companies. It will easy for you to select a car rental firm. In general, local car rental firms offer like Hawk, Jubilee International Tour Company offer daily rates on their cheapest cars which are roughly HK $500. International car rental companies like Avis, Hertz mostly has some promotional offers; they are worth investigating first. Most of the firms offer chauffeur driven service and long term rental options.

Business Trip To Hong Kong: Beginner's Guide

Further, there are some other factors I must point out to you. Check out the insurance cover with the rental firm before signing the papers. Roads in Hong Kong are narrow and the number of cars on the road is also high. In such conditions, there are ample chances of getting bumps, dents, and scratches on the car. If you are hiring a car from a local firm, do check out the car before taking the charge. You might be forced to pay for somebody else’s misadventure.

License of Rental Cars to Cross Over to China

There is no rental car firm Hong Kong that is allowed to take its car to China. A few international car rental firms do offer chauffeur driven cars from arrival point or destination, between their China and Hong Kong-based offices. Yes! You have to pay additionally for such facilities.

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