How Do I Process A Lathe Accident Claim?

If you have decided to proceed with a claim for injuries you sustained at work whilst using a lathe, you will need to speak to one of our specialist lawyers. They are used to dealing with this type of claim, and know exactly how to proceed. They will help you with each stage of the process and explain everything as they go.

Building a Case

Firstly, your solicitor will probably need to see a doctor’s report about the injuries you sustained in the accident. This means they will need your permission to see your hospital treatment and medical notes, since these are confidential. Once you grant permission for these notes to be released to your solicitor, you can relax. Your solicitor will do the rest.

How Do I Process A Lathe Accident Claim

How will My Notes be Used?

Your solicitor will use your notes to build a strong case for you to receive compensation. The injuries you sustain, and the likely outcome of those injuries in the future, will determine how much money you will receive. For example, if you damaged your index finger in a lathe accident, your solicitor will make a case based on how much movement in that finger you have lost. He or she will argue that the pain and suffering you have experienced is grounds for compensation. They will argue that the earnings you lost, due to the injury is grounds for compensation. And they may argue that the pain you are still experiencing, and will always experience as a result of your accident, is grounds for compensation. These assessments can only be made with reference to evidence, and your medical notes contain the evidence needed.

Will I need to Attend Court?

Almost certainly not, it is unusual for a lathe injury compensation claim to require your presence at court. These cases are usually sorted out between lawyers without the need for the time and expense of court hearings. One of the best things about claiming compensation through companies like AAH, is that it is so straightforward and hassle free for claimants. Specialist lawyers know exactly how to handle the cases, and they are resolved simply and quickly when in the right hands. All you need to do is wait for the outcome!

I am Still Unsure…

Don’t worry, you are not alone in hesitating before deciding about whether to make a claim for an injury suffered at work. We can talk things through with you on the phone and explain it in more detail. We never pressurise you – it’s just not the way we work. So for an informal chat or to claim now, ring us on 0800 180 4123 or 0333 500 0992 from you mobile.

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