How Do You Know If You Should Stay or Go

We chose the one we love, we decided to build her a future project, shared moments and decided to get married. But one day you realize that the relationship is not the same, the discussions are ongoing, there are no communication or simply no longer feel love for that person. There is no single reason for the divorce, but a combination of several things. At present, the number of divorces is increasing and many times, the only solution is to not end up in conflict with which your partner and you lived with so many things. If you have children, you have to know that they perceive everything that happens in the family, do not force a relationship that does not work for your children, and that far from protecting them, they do not live the conflict. Here we will give some advice on whether you have to divorce.

Search for Solutions

Before making any decisions, make sure you look for all possible ways to improve the situation. Communication is one of the foundations of any relationship. If you have not already, talk to your partner about what happens and try to fix the problems, proposing changes and adopting a new attitude. If you have already gone through this stage and has not changed the situation begins to evaluate the option of divorce.

Change the Feeling

If you feel that there is no love between the couple, the healthiest solution is separation. One can try to save a relationship when other problems are, but when love is gone, you have to let go and move on.

How Do You Know If You Should Stay or Go

Destructive Discussions

If discussions are recurrent, and for them there is a continuing lack of respect by both inflexibility and inability to take the place of the other, something is not working. If you have talked about the topic and yet the deal during discussions remains the same, you have to think about away from this situation. Disrespect does not lead anywhere else rather than separation.

Lack of Creativity

Many times, the daily routine leads to the abandonment of self and care of the couple. It is important for couples to be creative to feed the love they have. This is something that should be done every day, now if you’re routine and feel invaded and no desire to change or try new, or have tried things, the relationship is in crisis and may be difficult to get out of it.

Incompatible Characters

Many times, it is difficult to cope with the character of the other person beyond love they can feel. It may happen that your discussions are primarily by the reactions they have and not by the facts.

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