How To Be An Efficient Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcription services are always essential in the medical industry. Doctors and physicians always want to receive the transcripts in the quickest turnaround time, so that they can make the reports as soon as possible. If you are planning to become a medical transcriptionist, here are some tips that will help you in your career.

Listen to the Whole Sentence before You Transcribe

You may have the tendency to start typing after listening to a few words. However, this practice is not advisable. This can lead to errors and will cost you extra time in making corrections. For example, the abbreviation AF represents several terms. It may stand for atrial flutter, amniotic fluid, or atrial fibrillation. You will never be able to determine the correct usage of AF if you don’t listen to the whole sentence first. When you commit a mistake, you need to spend more time in deleting the word and retyping it.

To make sure that you will have an accurate interpretation of the abbreviations and terminologies, you must listen to the entire sentence first. Understand what the doctor is saying, assess its meaning, pause the playback, and start typing once you are sure. It is better to spend extra time in listening, than spending more time in deleting and retyping the whole sentence thing.

Type Fast but Don’t Rush

Typing fast can improve the turnaround time of medical transcription. However, you must ensure that you will not rush things in doing so. Rushing things will only lead to typos and errors that will take time in correcting them. It would be better to focus on listening and typing at a steady pace than concentrating on keying speed and committing a lot of errors later.

How To Be An Efficient Medical Transcriptionist

Use an Excellent Transcription Software

A transcription software will be a great help when working on medical transcriptions. It has many useful features that make your job easier. For example, it allows you to minimise the sound of the background noise, allowing you have a better distinction of the dialogues. It also enables you to play, pause, slow down, playback or fast-forward the recording.

Other types of software, such as grammar and spelling checker will also make you more efficient in proofreading the transcription. It detects and highlights automatically the grammar and spelling errors that you have committed while transcribing, which enables you to make the necessary corrections.

Familiarize Yourself about Medial Terminologies

You must ensure that you are familiar of the various terminologies and abbreviations used in the medical industry. Keep in mind that various fields in medicine use different terminologies. For example, the terms and abbreviation used in paediatric transcription is different from cardiology transcription. You will be able to do your job more efficiently and accurately if you have prior knowledge about these terms.

Make Sure to Acquire Decent Headphones

Headphones is a vital device for medical transcriptionist. It allows you to have a better hearing of the recording, making it easier for you to distinguish the words despite the background noise and heavy accents.

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