Keeping Your Company’s Gadgets Safe From Burglars and Hackers

Society has grown increasingly more dependent on their technology as it continues to rule the world. Cell phones are no longer used for simple calls and texts, they now control your entire universe, often housing very private information that you would normally keep locked away and hidden. It is now more important than ever to make sure we are keeping our technology safe and free from the hands of hackers.

At home, it is important to not only keep track of your technology, but keep track of who is using it as well. If you have young children, be sure to set privacy codes on all of your technology so they cannot access them alone or accidentally share your information. Also take the time to block certain sites from their internet reach. Children aren’t old enough to know what a sketchy site looks like so make it impossible for them to access them.

If you use a special device for your job, keep that out of reach of all people in home by locking it in a safe or cupboard when not in use. Often company computers store even more privileged information than your personal device so be responsible with this information while at home.

The workplace is one of many places where technology is especially vulnerable. There are often many employees who work in a single building, heightening the risk for having your susceptible information exposed. Aside from keeping an eye on your tech and making sure it isn’t left out in the open, managers can take the extra step to ensure their employees’ feel safe.

Cell phones lockers come in handy for storing small items like wallets and purses as well as smaller technology like phones and tablets. They even come in slightly larger sizes for the storage of laptops should that become necessary. All businesses should consider having a safe place for employees to store their technology.  

Lockers also come in extra handy at places like the gym. Theft is highly common in these locations happening more and more as time moves forward. Despite lower crime rates in certain cities, gym theft continues to rise. The best way to make sure you aren’t on the list of victims is by renting the available lockers to store your phones, keys and wallets.

Some extra precautions you can take to escape burglary is avoiding locking your personal items in your car. Burglaries don’t just happen in the locker rooms at the gym, they are also prominent in the parking lot.

Just to make sure we fully understand how important it is to protect our technology from theft, here is a list of the possible information hackers can gain from your phone.

Commonly Stolen Information From Smart Phones

  1. Phone Number
  2. Address
  3. Birth Date
  4. Email Accounts
  5. Bank Account Information
  6. Employment Information
  7. Passwords
  8. Private Conversations
  9. Personal Memos
  10. Family/Friends’ Contact Information
  11. Social Security Number
  12. Identity

Hackers are becoming even better at what they do as security systems become more advanced and harder to maneuver around. Hackers no longer need the use of a passcode to access information from your phone. Imagine if they got a hold of your keys, wallet and laptop as well. All of your most sacred information would be free for individuals to use to their own advantage.

Technology security is no joke. People are fired from jobs, sent to jail and deported for committing these kinds of crimes. Be sure that you have established a means for controlling the fate of your information. Managers, get lockers for your employees. Gym owners, install free lockers throughout the facility for all attendees. Make it harder for hackers to gain your secure information and plan for the worst case scenario.

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