Medical Negligence – Do I Have A Claim?

Only a reputable claims company can answer this question because they have the knowledge and expertise to examine your individual circumstances and let you know whether or not your are likely to have a case against an organisation or individual. If you’re wondering whether or not you even have a potential claim you may feel hesitant in contacting a claims company. In the first instance you should give them a call as they will be used to dealing with clients who are unsure on the process.

Here are some examples of types of medical negligence claims:

Dental problems

This is a common type of medical negligence claim because so many people experience dental problems after experiencing medical negligence. Dentistry injuries can be more traumatic than others because they involve your mouth, a vital part of the body enabling you to enjoy and digest food. It can be extremely painful having toothache and mouth pain as it affects your neck, jaw and head, not just the injured area. People are commonly phobic of this environment as well which means any ill treatment may be even more traumatic than it might be in other environments. If you’ve had lack of anaesthetic, incorrect treatment or unnecessary injury from dentistry you should consider making a medical negligence claim.

Medical Negligence - Do I Have A Claim


Being prescribed an inappropriate medicine can be incredibly damaging, and in some cases fatal. Perhaps you were prescribed medicine that contained an ingredient you are allergic to, or you took a tablet that reacted against other medication the doctor was aware you were taking. If you feel you’ve suffered because of incorrect medication being prescribed to you, you should consider making a medical negligence claim.


These are the most commonly reported medical negligence incidents reported in the media because they often involve shocking mistakes made during surgical procedures. It’s the most invasive type of medical procedure so you’re putting your utmost trust in the people performing the procedure. If you feel surgery was unnecessarily traumatic or done incorrectly you should consider making a medical negligence claim.


You may have seen television programmes detailing cosmetic surgery gone wrong. It is a service you pay for directly and so expect the highest level of service during the procedure. These types of claim can be for surgical procedures including breast augmentation and rhinoplasty or they could involve invasive procedures like botox injections or collagen injections. You may have even suffered after a chemical peel or microdermabrasion procedure. If you think you’ve been the victim of cosmetic medical negligence you should consider making a claim.

There are many more different types of medical negligence claims, and if you think you might have a claim you should contact a reputable company today. Cases all over the country are being won while you suffer in silence for an incident that was not your fault. New claims are made every single day. If you are worried about phoning a national company consider contacting a local firm as you may feel more comfortable. For example if you live in Newcastle, search for firms dealing with Medical Negligence Claims in Liverpool so you will know that the company understand the local area. Don’t hesitate, seek justice for yourself today.

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