Meet Business Leader Beaming With Energy!

Most business leaders are known for their passion and dedication for their work. They are not only hardworking but also inspiring role models to everyone around them. In this manner, they have been successful in carving out a niche for themselves motivating and inspiring people in the process.

When it comes to the hotel industry, there is an individual with a towering presence in the USA and the world. He is a passionate hotelier with a love for his work and teaching the people around him. His name is Patrick Imbardelli – a well- loved and respected name in the hotel industry today!

Inspiring Presence and Love for Work

Mr. Imbardelli is also a business strategist and been responsible for the outstanding success of The Pan Pacific Hotel Group. Today, this Group is one of the top names in the luxury hotel chain segment having 12 locations across the globe. The Hotel Group is known for its excellence in service and friendly staff. Mr. Imbardelli has played a crucial role in its expansion and popularity. He is an inspiring presence to the employees and management. Thanks to his efforts and contribution, this Hotel Group has won several awards and international acclaim.

What makes him different from the rest is his love for his work and dedication to his job. He is a business leader that leads by example over fear. He has over 30 years of valuable experience in the hotel and hospitality industry. He says that he loves every minute of his work. Yes, the industry is demanding and challenging however he says with belief in himself, he manages to overcome obstacles with a smile.

Guiding and Mentoring Everyone Around Him

When it comes to guiding and mentoring newcomers to the hotel and hospitality industry, he says that it is not an easy place to survive. You need to be physically fit and mentally alert. You cannot look tired. The hotel and hospitality industry is indeed a rewarding and lucrative career however when you are looking for success, you must be eager to learn and inculcate. He gives training to newcomers and says that you will not develop the skills of customer service and care in just one night. It takes years of patience to learn and master the skills that are needed. He shares his experiences with newcomers and tells them that managing different people needs great interpersonal skills and an attitude to listen. Once you have understood the needs of the guests, making them happy is an easy task, he says.

Patrick Imbardelli is also a positive role model to his peers. They say that he is always active and beaming with exuberance. This is indeed the secret to his success. He is helpful and always approachable for tips and advice. In his personal life when he is not working, he is busy with charity and helping poor children. This makes him well respected in society as well. He is married and has two lovely children. He enjoys the citizenship of two countries- Australia and Italy!

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