The Admin Assistant – Your First Step On The Office Hierarchy

Admin assistant jobs are plentiful whatever the current economic climate or whatever your location the odds are favourable that you’ll be able to find a position as an admin or office assistant in some form. However while these jobs might be plentiful that doesn’t mean they’ll give them to just anyone!

In order to succeed and progress up the office hierarchy you’ll need to be the best admin assistant possible. But how do you ensure you have the skills to not only win over your interviewer but also impress once you have the job? Well with expert high-quality training of course!

When it comes to administration you’ll find plenty of Admin training course options available, from online courses to on-site training, professional educational courses and much more. But how do you know which training is the best option for you?

The Importance of Accredited Training

With so many options available it is easy to get lost but we can let you in on a little secret!The training you should look for should be CPD accredited. CPD stands for Continuing Professional Development and is a recognised professional accreditation that employers will be sureto value.

But it will also guarantee you a high quality learning experience as well, there’s a variety of CPD accredited courses available but you should look for one that will give you a classroom learning experience. Many of these courses will be held over a period of days (usually between 3 to 5) and provide professional tutors, professional examinations and a certificate.

The classroom setting is something you should make sure is included if possible because it will give you a much more interactive learning experience. Remember working in an office means knowing how to work effectively as part of a team and communicate your ideas and thoughts with others. So that’s why you should make sure you do get the valuable learning experience of working and studying in a classroom setting.

Working in a classroom setting also means you’ll be working alongside professional tutors so will have instant access to expert guidance if needed. Online or non-CPD accredited courses may be plentiful and cheaper in some cases but they will not provide the same quality learning experience.

Why Admin Assistants Need Accredited Training

You might be thinking this all sounds well and good but I’ am sure I can get a lower level admin assistant role without the need for training. Well while accredited training alongside a certificate will no doubt boost your chances and has I mentioned earlier admin assistant positions while plentiful aren’t going to be given to just anyone, you could still indeed get an admin assistant role without training.

However anyone who is passionate about working their way up the office hierarchy would be doing themselves a huge disservice by not getting accredited CPD training. Remember to think long term your admin assistant position will be your first step that could develop into a number of different jobs and with CPD training you can ensure your develop and utilise your skills more quickly and effectively.

You could become a higher earning secretary, PA, administrative manager or general office manager and that’s just a few of the possibilities. Accredited CPD training will give you a strong foundation and platform for growth, so you’ll be shooting up the office hierarchy in not time!

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