The Marketing Advantages Of Unique Employee Benefits

We often hear about the wacky and wonderful amenities provided to employees at the offices of Silicon Valley businesses. No employer exemplifies this phenomenon more than Google. Unlimited free food? Check. Complimentary service from professional masseurs? Yep. Free rides to work from buses that are equipped with Wi-Fi? You know it. The benefits are so unbelievable that there is a Snopes page dedicated to it.

While these benefits may seem wasteful, or even downright hedonistic at times, they pay off for the business in more ways than you might think. It’s no mistake that these unusual employee incentives make headlines; in fact, in addition to making employees feel appreciated, they were designed to generate positive buzz. These benefits accomplish two major goals:

  • They help businesses attract and retain talented individuals
  • They establish the brand as creative, progressive, and caring

Small businesses can take advantage of this approach, even if they don’t have the same budget as Google. How you can determine what creative benefits would best suit your employees? Which benefits would generate some buzz for your brand? Let’s take a look at the marketing advantages of unique employee benefits.

Creating a Talented Workforce

It’s no secret that marketing can have an impact on how desirable your business is to job candidates. If you are in a field that is heavily impacted by a talent scarcity, such as the technological sector, then you will need every advantage you can get to construct a workforce with the skillset to help your business thrive. Creative perks could be the impetus that encourages candidates to choose to work with you, rather than a competitor.

Of course, these same perks can also encourage employees to remain with your company. After growing accustomed to certain benefits, they may be dissuaded from leaving the company due to stress or talent-pilfering competitors. In the long run, investing in such benefits results in a stronger workforce.

Generating Buzz

When employees are enthusiastic about their workplace, they tend to share it. Whether that be through beaming Glassdoor reviews or social media posts, word about how a business treats its employees gets around fairly reliably. When a business treats employees particularly well, especially if it does so in unique and notable ways, you can be sure that the business’s reputation will improve. Silicon Valley businesses are known for taking this approach, but it is hard to blame them. It bolsters the public’s perception of your business and improves the quality of life for workers.

If you are looking to bolster your company’s reputation, explore creative employee benefits that can generate positive buzz.

Which Benefits Suit Your Business?

A yoga room at the workplace may seem like a novel idea, but it is a terrible idea if no one in the office knows the first thing about yoga. Similarly, buying some video game consoles for your break room is a wasted investment if your workforce consists solely of Candy Crushers. The general disposition of your employees will depend on your industry and region, so keep in mind that you need to base your ideas on employee needs.

The first place you should look to determine what sort of benefits would most appeal to your employees is, well, your employees. If employees exhibit signs of being overworked or often complain about a lack of amenities in the break room, consider investing in some creative ways that they can unwind. Are your employees athletic? They might prefer standing desks, or even an indoor swimming pool. If you’re unsure what would appeal to your employees, simply ask.

In some instances, these incentives can be mutually beneficial. For instance, when Google allows workers to use unannounced products and applications, they can gather data about how the employee uses that product. The employee can take advantage of any conveniences that the product affords. In this scenario, both the employee and the employer benefits. If your business creates new products or works with a Filemaker Developer to create applications, your workforce might be the perfect beta testers.

Don’t stick to the status quo when it comes to employee benefits. Get creative. Offer incentives that can help you attract a talented workforce and generate positive PR alike. Consider such benefits to be investments in both your workforce and your reputation. While you may spend more money, it will pay off in more ways than you might have thought.

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