The Power Of Women Executives In Business Growth

Businesses have always relied on women for strategic growth and progress. They have the ability to lead with an innate ability. They are understanding and better role models when it comes to multi-tasking. They also have strong interpersonal skills and are better when it comes to maintaining relationships and taking the business to new heights.

Women Lead by Example

Heather Weber is an inspiring example when it comes to being a working woman in the modern business and corporate world. She says that being a woman means you are able to create better connections. There has been a recent survey in this context that women have better abilities in developing connections and maintaining them. Both men and women are equal when it comes to the creation of relationships. However, women take time to nurture them and establish stronger bonds. This of course proves to be a major boost to companies that heavily rely on business networks and relationships.

She also states that women are better when it comes to solving problems. They have a holistic way to solve problems and are more action oriented over their male counterparts. They tend to see the bigger picture and they strive at creating solutions that are holistic. This is good for businesses that are in the logistics industry. Such sectors require a wider frame of knowledge and women are much better in this field over men.

Better Risk Takers

Compared to men, women are better in risk taking. They tend to take more risks and look for progress opportunities. Now, this arena when it comes to men versus women is still being researched. However, companies that have women in high level posts claim that they are more persistent and tenacious over men. They are willing to push boundaries and get more things done over their male counterparts.

When it comes to Fortune 500 companies, you will only find 4% of the top level executives to be women. There is huge scope for women as they are better at time and pressure management. Still there is scope for improvement for  them when it comes to employment and responsibilities. Women are said to be organized and stable in the event of pressure. They have the tenacity to remain calm and not take brash decisions unlike men when they are under pressure.

Heather Weber says that more and more women should step forward and join the business world. The arena is very challenging and luckily women have the innate ability to be emotional and practical at the same time. She herself is successful in her arena at work and guides women who are ready to take up top- level executive posts in companies. Moreover, she says that being a woman is really a gift as she is naturally endowed with the qualities of multi-tasking different projects with equaled focus. More and more women should step forward and embrace responsibility in top level corporate posts. This will not only be good for the company but good for their development as well!.

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