Unique Items To Carry At Your Wedding Shop

Having a wedding shop is a very lucrative enterprise, especially since there are more and more couples getting married each year. Though there are plenty of “big box” bridal stores turning up all the time, many brides choose to shop at boutique wedding supply shops because they tend to have more unique and handmade items than their larger competitors. However, if you only stock the same generic wedding supplies as everyone else, you’ll quickly find yourself swallowed up by the lower prices and larger selection that stores like David’s Bridal have to offer. To make your small boutique wedding shop stand out and remain relevant, here are a few items that you should consider carrying that everyone else is overlooking.

Handmade Jewelry

Every bride wants a unique piece of jewelry that stands out with their wedding ensemble, and you don’t get more unique than handmade jewelry. Whether it’s a necklace, broach, bracelet, or tiara, and handmade piece of jewelry can be the exact item that a bride has been searching for to complete her look. Consider meeting with local jewelry artists to work on a consignment basis or even making your own line of jewelry. All you need is a small kiln, colored glass, and inexpensive jewelry findings to make one-of-a-kind pieces that your customers will adore.

Vintage Dresses

When a bride is looking for a modern style wedding dress, they almost always go to a big box store. It’s hard for small wedding shops to compete with the huge selection and low prices that the big guys offer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell dresses within a niche market. Consider buying and selling used wedding dresses for brides who are looking for a more vintage look at their wedding. You can usually find a huge supply of vintage wedding dresses at local thrift shops and from customers eager to recoup some of their wedding expenses.


Couples are using sparklers at their wedding at levels that nobody saw coming, and it can be a huge opportunity for you as a small wedding shop owner. Most of the big stores won’t bother stocking sparklers for weddings because you need special permitting if your business is over a certain square footage. As a small shop, you won’t need to worry about these restrictions. Even the local fireworks stores don’t carry wedding sparklers because they are specifically interested in serving the 4th of July holiday. Wedding sparklers are inexpensive when purchased at wholesale, and the markup percentage is staggering. Even though they are relatively a small sale overall, the profit margins will be the highest of anything you sell and niche products like sparklers will get more brides through your door.

Just because you are a small boutique wedding shop doesn’t mean that you can’t compete with the national retailers; you just need to focus on what sets you apart from them. All of the big box stores carry the same bland selection, so offering more unusualness and variety to your customers will pay off huge. By focusing on niche items like wedding sparklers and unique items like handmade jewelry you can offer something your customers can’t get anywhere else and boost your sales.

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