What Is An International Background Check And Who Needs One?

When you are running a company that has a multinational focus, you need to make sure that absolutely everyone from the security guard at the front gate to the highest level of management has had all of their credentials checked thoroughly.

What is an international background check and who needs one?

There are several different people that will need an international background check. You need to make sure that you exercise due diligence and hire a company to assist you.

International Applicants

When you advertise for a job position, you might not want to limit your search to the UK. In order to get the best talent, it might be beneficial to conduct a continent-wide or worldwide search in order to find the best person for the job.

When people are applying from overseas, you should not assume that they have been checked in their own country. You should hire a background check company that can perform a check. You can find DBS tracking online to contact employers in other countries in order to corroborate employment history.

The specialist firm will also make sure that they get in touch with the police departments where the applicant has lived. This will confirm whether the potential employee from overseas has a completely clean criminal record.

If the person has visited the UK previously, their criminal history in this part of the world can be checked thoroughly. Then you will be able to make an informed decision about whether to hire the international applicant.

International Students

When you run a university or a college, you want to be as inclusive as you possibly can be. You might want to establish an Erasmus programme in order for people to come here and study their chosen subject on a short term basis. Your university may also have a policy of accepting students from overseas for the entire duration of the course that they want to take.

This requires a full background check. You will be able to hire an experienced company to carry out this task for you. Most students will have a clean record, but there will be a minority that does not.

In order to preserve the reputation of your university, you will want to make sure that every student accepted onto a course has a completely clean record that they can be proud of.

People Residing In The UK For More Than Five Years

After five years, people who have lived and worked in the UK are eligible to apply for British citizenship. This does not mean that you should avoid a background check. On the contrary, you should apply this check to anyone who is going to be working for your company.

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