What To Do If You Fall Ill or Get Hurt On The Job

Workers can lose their ability to perform a job for a wide variety of reasons. Accidents sometimes happen on the job. Progressive health problems are another reason that a person may lose the ability to perform his or her usual work duties. Disability occurs when a person cannot perform the essential functions of a job. An employee may have disability benefits through the employer or as part of a benefits package. The following contains information on what a worker should do once a disability is apparent.

What To Do If You Fall Ill or Get Hurt On The Job

Determine One’s Qualification for Workers’ Compensation

The employee must first determine whether he or she is eligible for workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation is a benefit that employees can receive if they are hurt on the job. A person cannot claim workers’ compensation and disability. Therefore, he or she would need to speak with a specialist and conduct research to determine eligibility. If workers’ compensation is not applicable, then the worker can file a disability claim.

Call the Insurance Company to Open a Claim

The insurance company needs to know about a disability immediately so that it can start processing the claim. Therefore, a call to the insurance company should be the first call the disabled person should make. Disabilities include injuries such as broken bones and back problems, mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety, and sicknesses such as diabetes.

Visit a Medical Specialist

The next step after notifying the insurance company is visiting a medical specialist for the problem. The worker will have to submit paperwork to validate the claim. The insurance company will want to see any X-rays, blood tests or urinalyses that prove the person’s disability. The medical expert will need to give a clear description of the disability and the length of time the person will need for recovery, as well. The insurance company will review the evidence and decide if they are going to pay the benefits.

In some cases, the insurance company denies benefits to a person who has a disability. The individual is then left with no means to support himself or herself without monetary benefits. A disability claim lawyer can help with such a case. The lawyer can help a person who is applying for government disability benefits, as well. Howie, Sacks & Henry is an example of a law firm that can assist with a denied disability claim. Such attorneys can help a person to reclaim his or her life.

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