Practice ways to stay calm or anger management

Deep water:

Every human body is different; However, basically the same. When you are angry or angry, your body reacts to spirits and breathes quickly. This can cause a lack of carbon dioxide in your blood. Deep breathing can reduce this result, thereby reducing physical effects that help relax. Deep breathing results in calming.

Show your anger:

This is the hardest way for men to get angry and angry. Not only young men but also children and adults may have no way. It is important to start the path from the beginning of the brain to the center of the brain so that people can relax when anger subsides. Unfortunately, this plague can be a form of violence.

Express your feelings:

For the purpose of anger management, like expressing anger in a productive way, humans often have difficulty expressing their feelings or describing their feelings as “emotional”. Here are some hidden thoughts from this heart.

Tell your Mental Health Adviser:

Recently, I was in class talking about “Talking to Mental Health Professionals,” and one of my students told me that this was considered a weakness. I explained to students that this was not a foreign concept, but a bad one. As an illustration, I use the frequency of your friend’s mistakes when talking to friends for advice. His friends have good intentions, but their suggestions are bad, and they often invite him to do what they want. Experts speak from a third perspective and have no personal connection.


When you feel angry or upset, your body releases more than 30 hormones to prepare your body to respond to stress. Exercise is a great way to get rid of additional stress hormones in your system.

Accept that you feel angry and walk away:

When all else fails, walk away,

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