10 Careers You’ve Never Thought Of

It can be tough to pick the right career. While you can always change your career later, if you can, you’d be better off picking the right one now. With all of the options, the last thing you need is a list of jobs you’ve never considered, but that’s just what you’re getting. Some of the careers in the list below last a lifetime, while others might be more of a transition job. Each one, however, is pretty unique, and we’re guessing you haven’t considered most of them.

Maybe you’ve never consider a certification or associate’s degree job before. Maybe you didn’t know a certain job even existed. Whatever your reasons, we feel pretty sure you haven’t considered any career on this list. Want to shake things up? Check out this list of ten careers you’ve never thought of.

Marijuana Gardener

For a long time, growing and selling marijuana was illegal across the country. Now, in select US states, it’s legal to distribute marijuana, and you could start a career in marijuana gardening. If you live in California, you want a California marijuana license. You should also talk to a lawyer before you get started. It’s legal, but there are still legal requirements, and you’d want to make sure your business was above board.  The market is changing fast, however, and this might be a cool career in get a head start in.

Disneyland Character

If you went to Disneyland as a kid, perhaps you took your picture with several Disney characters. Cinderella, Donald Duck, and hundreds of other characters roam the streets of Disneyland, interacting with guests and making visitors happy. If you love Disney, acting, or mimicking people, then working as a Disneyland character might be a fun career choice. You’d get to wear a costume every day, make people laugh, and improvise with the guests who interacted with you.


Healthcare jobs, on average, are expected to grow 18% in the next decade. You may never have considered becoming an CNA, but they’re in high demand, and all it takes to start working is a certification. You could choose between working at a hospital, a day clinic, an assisted living, or visiting patients at home with in-home nursing care in Hanover, PA. CNAs take care of the basic needs of patients, from bathing, to getting them water, to making sure they take their medication. Their shifts are flexible, and they often work unusual hours, which is perfect for people trying to juggle school and work at the same time.

Blimp Pilot

You might have considered becoming an airline pilot at one point, but what about becoming a blimp pilot? It turns out, there’s still a need for blimp fliers, and you could be one of them. You don’t get a degree to become a blimp pilot, since there aren’t any schools that teach this specific skill. Instead, you have to earn a certain number of experience hours. If you have commercial experience already with a hot air balloon, airline, etc., then your required hours decrease. By the end of it, you can gain a certification and start flying blimps.


We tend to ignore certification jobs, especially if our parents push us towards a four year degree. A degree from an automotive & diesel technology college in NY, however, would keep you employed for life, doing enjoyable work for a good wage. Blue collar jobs are too often ignored, and you should consider the work advantages of becoming a mechanic.

Special Education Teacher

A special education teacher teaches children with special needs. If a child has an emotional, mental, or physical disability, they often need special care. A special ed teacher will modify lesson plans, tutor individual children, and counsel the parents. They might suggest sensory friendly activities in Lansing, MI for a child with autism, or advise a teacher on how to accommodate a student’s particular needs.


Few people grow up thinking, “I’m going to be bartender when I grow up!” If you can get a job with an upscale bar, however, bartending can be an incredible career. While some bartenders only scrape by with $20,000 or so, a high end bartender can make up to $100,000, or at least $45,000 a year. That’s not bad for a job that doesn’t start until the afternoon. In an expensive city bar, you might make an excessive amount in tips, so it all pays out in the end.

Ice Cream Taster

If ice cream is your favorite food, you could consider eating it for a living. While this job is a terrible idea if you’re lactose intolerant, it might be the most fun career in the world for some. For this job, you’d need a degree in food science, which is sometimes called flavorology. You’d work for ice cream creation companies, rating flavors based off their texture, sweetness, and more. There aren’t a lot of ice cream taster jobs in the world, but there are other foods that need to be sampled, so any kind of flavorology career might be a fun choice.

Crossword Puzzle Writer

Plenty of people do the crossword puzzle, but have you ever considered making them? Newspapers and magazines rely on crossword puzzle writers to create their puzzles every week, and a few lucky people get to do that for a living. To make crossword puzzles, you have to have a good eye for puzzles, and an insane vocabulary. It probably helps if you already do crossword puzzles every week.

Gift Shop Owner

While starting your own business can be a huge hassle, with lots of extra hours, opening a gift shop makes that process easier. Often, business owners work excessive hours, but most gift shops are only open from 10-5 every day. While you’d need to work weekends or hire an employee to take them for you, a gift shop can be a small, practical business venture. If you do well, you could make your living running the business.

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