10 Most Expensive Destinations For US Business Travel

Are you planning for a business trip and would like to know if the destination city is expensive or not? Do check out the list below. If your city is from the below list, then you must ensure that your expenses are well covered out.

New York

The average spending is 480$.

Well, it’s no surprise that New York tops the list as no. 1 expensive city in US for business travellers. The hotel costs and entertainment expenses are highest in the country.

10 Most Expensive Destinations For US Business Travel

Santa Clara, California

The average spending is 350$.It is more famous for business trips to Silicon Valley. Though Silicon Valley has some of the cheapest meals starting from 30$, but yet the cab fare to reach the Valley from airport will cost you more. Sometimes even 55$.

Las Vegas

The average spending is 335$. On average, business travellers shell out 170$ on entertainment while in Las Vegas. Apart from these, the meal, travel fare and hotel Room Expenses need to be paid. Average lodging cost in this city is 100$, a bit on high side.

10 Most Expensive Destinations For US Business Travel


The average spending is 340$. Who wouldn’t want to go to Miami, a warm weather paradise, especially during winters. Here the hotel rooms can get as expensive as 120$. And if you are in Miami, how can you resist spending on entertainment, beach clubs and bottles.


The average spending is 350$. If you are in Chicago, how can you miss out the shows and trips to museums and thus adding some expenditure to your entertainment budget. Though food is cheap, but hotel rates are quite expensive, somewhere around 130$

Long Island City

The average spending is 360$. The one thing Long Island City is known for is that, it’s somewhat like Manhattan but a cheaper version. You will spend less on everything as compared to Manhattan let’s say the dining costs as low as 40$.


The average spending is 370$. Boston is one city that was built for the business travel. Hotel rooms cost around 150$. The food is easy to find and cheap. Entertainment expenses can be high since this city provides so many options including the late night bars.

10 Most Expensive Destinations For US Business Travel

Washington, D.C.

The average spending is 375$. The average hotel room rent is second highest here when compared with other US cities, averaging to $170.

Garden City, N.Y.

The average spending is 390$. What leads one to send an employee to Garden City, rather than straight to New York is the hotel prices. Hotel Room rents are half as compared to ones in New York. So, why is it on list 3? As per esta, it is the money you spend for the trips to and from the airport and the food.

10 Most Expensive Destinations For US Business Travel

San Francisco

The average spending is 410$.

San Francisco is one of the most expensive cities in US. The meals are costlier than Santa Clara but less expensive that Long Island City and Garden City. What adds up to the expenses more are the entertainment costs. Though one can save in cab fare as compared to Santa Clara.

We have summed up the business travel costs based on the airfare, hotel room rent, meals expenses, ESTA data etc.

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