5 Enemies Of Your Oklahoma Foundation

There are a lot of dynamics at work outside of human view. The earth is an ever changing thing, and some of what’s happening out of sight could eventually turn your home into a leaning tower. Here are some of the top enemies of structures that could result in the need for hiring help to carry out Oklahoma foundation repair.

Extreme Moisture

Rain shouldn’t be anyone’s enemy, especially not in the part of the country where you live. Poor drainage, however is a problem. When water pools or trickles down to the bottom and sides of a structure, it can eat away at the materials. When wood is present, it can soften, rot out and give way to a major engineering failure. You may or may not see signs that this is happening, so it’s best to call a professional to take a closer look for moisture problems.

Extreme Dryness

Oklahoma foundation repair may also be needed when the surrounding soil is extremely dry. Cracks can occur in the ground, which often cause settling. When a home moves down a slope, it can cause severe changes in the walls and even become dangerous. You don’t need a mudslide to cause irreversible damage, just a few subtle variables that add up to a problem. A company that specializes in foundations can send someone out to your property to help you make changes to avoid extreme soil dryness.


Termites are hungry little creatures. They seem to reproduce and travel so easily, making their dwellings wherever they can find a suitable host. Unlike pests that feed on animals, these tiny little winged insects prefer wood. They can crawl, fly and flatten themselves to enter the smallest of spaces. As the material thins, its structural integrity is compromised. Even after you’ve fumigated and are assured the colony has been obliterated, your home may be ready for foundation repair in OKC.

Poor Support

If your house was originally built with sub-par materials, it could be causing problems. Construction standards are in place to prevent this, and engineers should have calculated the loads bearing on slabs and pilings. On the actual jobsite, however, practically anything could have happened. Even if the builders installed everything correctly, the materials themselves could have been defective. These issues can lead to poor support and settling that will result in the need for Oklahoma foundation repair.

Lack of Inspection

Some people only carry out inspections when they’re in the process of buying a home. They may forget there are constant maintenance items to address, and when these are ignored, the results can be catastrophic. However, it’s never too late to order an inspection from a trusted company. These professionals will come in and know exactly what signs to look for. In the end, they’ll provide you with a written report that outlines the current conditions and what improvements are recommended.

Your home’s structure may be out of sight, but no responsible homeowner would put it out of mind. By investing in your foundation, you’re protecting the rest of your house and the people who live inside of it.

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