5 Reasons Businesses Should Use VoIP Telephone Systems

While you may be able to conduct some business with a mobile phone, once your business expands, you will need a telephone system for your office. You can still order a traditional hardwired telephone system but VoIP systems have become the standard for most businesses.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol or Internet Telephony. It allows for telephone calls to be made through an Internet connection versus a hardwired telephone system. A VoIP system offers several benefits for businesses of all sizes.

Lower Cost

One of the main reasons why businesses are choosing VoIP telephone systems is that their operating costs are less expensive than traditional telephone systems. Since this system places calls through the Internet, it costs less to place domestic and domestic long-distance calls. International calls are also less expensive so if your customers or vendors are outside of the UK, you may be able to cut your telephone costs by up to 90% with a VoIP system.

Greater Flexibility

If you’re expecting an important call from a client, you don’t need to be tied to the telephone at your desk to receive it. Any calls coming into the system can be forwarded to your mobile so that you won’t miss them. It is also less expensive to add more telephone lines to your account since they are connected through the Internet and do not need to be installed by adding more wiring in the building.

Easy Conference Calling

Having a VoIP system makes it easier to place telephone or video conference calls to satellite offices or to clients around the world. The features of a VoIP system compared to traditional business telephone systems make placing conference calls not only easier but less expensive too.

With traditional hardwired systems, there would be fees added to place conference calls and video conferencing would require special equipment and time to set up. However, with VoIP features, it is much easier to conference with any company around the world by phone or video.


If you’re worried about the telephone system going down if the Internet stops working, the calls made through a VoIP system can be easily rerouted. The calls can be forwarded to mobile devices so that no one needs to miss important calls from clients or vendors. Each extension can be programmed so that in emergencies, the calls made to them are rerouted to employees’ mobile phones.

Multiple Business Features

VoIP telephone systems offer many more features for businesses than traditional telephone systems. Employees’ phones can be monitored by managers to grade their service, telephone calls can be logged, calls can be sent to email, and voice messages can be customised for each telephone extension. These and the many other features available on VoIP systems help make managing your call volume and business easier.

Whether you need a system for your new offices or are looking to upgrade your current system, a VoIP telephone system can help you manage the calls coming into the office and it can help your business save money.

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