5 Reasons To Become A Nurse

A nurse’s job is never done. There will always be new patients, new problems, and new opportunities. While that might sound like a stressful workload, it also means that a nurse’s job is never dull. A nurse gets to see some of the best and the worst of humanity, all while doing work that really counts. If you’re looking for reliable, meaningful work, nursing might be the right career for you. There are hundreds of reasons to become a nurse, but we’ve collected five of the most popular. Without further ado, here are five reasons to become a nurse.

The Education is Worth It

Some careers require a lot of schooling but don’t end up paying very well. Nursing won’t give you that problem. A four-year degree will ensure a job upon graduation, and you’ll make a good salary for the rest of your life. Plus, with accredited online nursing programs, you can gain your degree on the side, in convenience.

You’ll Know All the Secrets

A nurse knows whom to see for a health condition. As a nurse, you’d get a behind-the-scenes look at what doctors are really like, and who’s really good at their job. You’d know the tricks of the trade–like whether that bleeding finger is worth a visit to the ER. Speaking of the ER, you’d also know when not to go. You’d know that urgent care centers at walk-in medical services in the Staten Island Area are usually a better choice than an ER visit. That kind of insider’s knowledge could prove incredibly valuable.

It Won’t Get Boring

A nurse’s job never gets old. It’s different every day. While you have many options, between many different fields of nursing, most jobs will give you an adrenaline spike at least once a day. You’ll save lives, deal with emergencies, and make tough calls every week. A job that doesn’t deal in paperwork or numbers, but instead with human lives, is the kind of intensity some people crave.

Your Shift is Flexible

A nurse doesn’t have to work 8 to 5. In fact, they usually don’t. As a nurse, you could work in the mornings or evenings. Your shifts can be longer, so if you want to pull three twelve-hour shifts in a row, you could end up with the rest of the week off. Working for three days and being off for four doesn’t sound so bad. The shifts can be intense, but many would prefer to spend all their time and energy in a burst.

You’ll Save Lives

Probably the most rewarding part of being a nurse: you could save lives every day. While a pediatric nurse probably won’t save a life in that daily checkup, your care and assistance helps make a life better. With every shift, you improve someone’s health. You do what needs to be done to get their life back on track, and that kind of meaningful work will never cease to be rewarding.

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