5 Simple Ways To Boost Your Business’ Success Through Space

If you’re a business owner who’s looking to take their company to the next level, then purchasing a commercial space can be a really smart investment. A great example of this is if you’re a retail business looking to target new customers. A commercial space can be a really great way to promote what you’re selling, your personal brand (your employees and what you stand for) and most importantly to physically attract people to your business and make them spend their money. Here are the key reasons why businesses should consider purchasing a commercial space…

Developing Your Staff Professionally:

A commercial space creates a great learning environment where you can actively encourage your employees to progress. Once you have a commercial space all set up, you can invite industry experts and motivational speakers to come in and impart their wisdom onto your employees. Motivation boosts productivity within a business which will be a step closer to you boosting your success rates. Some of the most successful businesses hold weekly or monthly staff meetings and training sessions, to give employees a platform to ask questions, voice their opinions and to learn new and relevant things about the industry. Staff meetings/ training sessions are also an excellent way to instigate team building, through debates, team building activities and general conversation. Google is a great example of a business that goes the extra mile to keep their employees happy and productive. They use their creative spaces to share information and brainstorm ideas, as well as perks like big pay cheques and lots of holidays!

The Importance of Team Building:

New work and commercial spaces for rent could be the perfect way to bring your team of employees together. Effectively, if you physically bring your employees together in an office or workspace then they are going to bond and go through the “team building stages”. The team building stages are forming, storming, norming and performing, which essentially means that your employees will gradually become comfortable enough with each other to raise and iron out any issues to improve the work situation. Improved communication and relationships within your workforce can lead to the flow of creative juices and a good exchange of ideas. If you have a strong team that can communicate successfully, then your business will thrive.

Attracting and Retaining the Best Employees:

New customers are going rate your company on two things, 1 – the quality of your product/ what you are providing, and 2 – the quality of customer service. If you have a really good working space and treat your employees well, then you are going to attract high quality staff members who will really push your customer service/ customer journey to the top of your competition. If you can impress new customers with the quality of the product and the quality of service that your staff provide, then they will turn into loyal and returning customers. One of the key things to remember when operating a business, is that your employees make the business, so if you keep them happy and keep a high calibre of talent, then success will be sure to follow.

The Importance of Organisation:

A good attitude, punctuality and a desire to succeed are the key ingredients to make a successful company. If your employees are late, unorganised and uninterested then this is going to reflect in the level of service or quality of work that they deliver. Having a physical workspace can encourage organisation and a better work ethic. Organisation produces results, and results drive the success of your business. If you provide your employees with the tools and resources to be organised and motivated and they still continue to let you down, then remember that there are more professionals out there who will do your company and your efforts justice.

Encouraging Personal Development in Your Employees:

As an employer, it’s really important for you to be the example of the model employee for people to follow. An organised workspace gives you the perfect space to display certain behaviours and characteristics for your employees to mirror. You are essentially setting the bar for the quality of service that you want your employees to provide. As well as providing an example of a good work ethic, you can push it one step further. A commercial space/ office is also a great place to promote a healthy mind set, and a healthy lifestyle – it is a great idea to stock your workspace with healthy fruits and water to boost your employees’ energy and encourage them to live healthily. A physical workspace gives you the tools to set a great example for those around you, so if you have the opportunity to grow your business and mould your employees, then grab it with both hands.

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