5 Tips For Creating A Winning Website

Among the major principles of web design, there are five that are the appearance, usability, content, a distinguished functionality, and compliance with standards. A winning website should be amazingly visual, easy navigation, uninterrupted, and be full of valuable information.

Here are 5 tips very useful web design.

Make Use of White Space

For the audience, a website should be elegant, sophisticated and user-accessible. Therefore, you should use the blank throughout your website intentional and strategic way to highlight the key elements of each page and highlight the content. The blank, which consists of the space around various elements of a web page, not only causes a feeling of elegance and increases the positioning of your brand, but also, improve reading comprehension.

Following this approach, you can promote a style of minimalist design and display beautiful graphics that will delight customers. File a disorderly home page can cause confusion and overwhelm users while having a simple web design with lots of white space will motivate the audience to stay and explore the web.

Simple Navigation

To increase the usability of your website, make navigation as easy as possible. Make sure the products are accessible on the home page, and the navigation is intuitive and visible so that it can be used in both desktop and mobile platforms. The most practical way to verify the high level of usability of a site is to see if it passes the test of three seconds. Websites created by designers in the nineties and today known throughout the design community, the rule of three seconds indicates that a website should capture the attention of visitors in approximately 3 seconds. If it takes longer, then you will lose visitors.

To ensure that your website passes the test, it is advisable to use a clear and easy to understand text, show only some quality images on each page and try to direct the attention of readers to the information sought. Likewise, a resource is to test the page with others, such as friends and family, to see how long it takes them to interact with the different elements of the site, as well as carrying out simple tasks.

Attracting Visitors with Customer Comments and Exclusive Offers

Nobody likes to meet with blocks of text or images barrier never ending when you first enter a site. Therefore, be sure to apply the three-second rule your content, in order to increase clarity, organization and conversion. For example, if you are running an e-commerce website, it is appropriate to show some appointments with positive feedback from customers as well as one or two special offers, coupon codes or promotions. In this way, readers will immediately have additional initiatives to take the next step and buy your product.

Prioritizing Speed and Simplicity

One aspect usually ignored when assessing functionality features is speed. For e-commerce websites, especially, have a page with slow loading times or problems with the web on mobile devices can cause a decrease in load times and even experience an overall reduction in company revenue. A study shows that 40 percent of online shoppers abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and 52 percent of those surveyed indicated that a site with fast loading is important to their loyalty to it. The easiest way to prioritize speed is make your engineers to work on it.

Also have a process of direct and brief purchase is key to increasing conversion. The simpler the process, the easier it is for the customer to buy your product without problems or complications.

Incorporate a Responsive Web Design

To exceed expectations in the area of standards compliance, you should opt for a responsive design. The responsive design allows the content and layout viewed from any screen, including mobile devices, electronic readers and computers.

Investment in responsive design not only optimizes the way users interact with your website on different devices but can increase search engine traffic.

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