7 Steps Program To Write That Daunting Paper In A Short Time

Writing a research paper involves certain rules and pattern of producing it in a way that it looks more than perfect for getting accepted as a research paper. This involves tremendous labor, effort and homework, which in turn is time consuming. If you are new to writing a research paper this task may seem quite gruesome. But with certain steps you can achieve the task of completing a good research paper in a lesser time comparatively.

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Brainstorming the key to formulate your ideas simplifies the complex task of selecting and finalizing a research topic. This is important due to the prominence a topic holds as it is a specific concept answering a question(s).

The 7 Rules and the 7 Steps that will help you form a Research Paper Quickly

Focusing on your topic and deciding the width of your subject. This is a second step that helps you to decide on the length of your research paper. Depending on the content of your research you can either narrow it or broaden it. This is called the Two-Wider/Narrow Focusing.

After determining the main focus of your research the third step in the program is research and investigation. Begin with the internet, books, and other research papers. Make note of all the references with page numbers and paragraph numbers. This documentation of the pages, author name, and date of publication will help you in the final reference or the citation section. Research but make note of it for reference.

7 Steps Program To Write That Daunting Paper In A Short Time

You can simplify the task of outlining your research by dividing into smaller simpler steps. These smaller steps include starting with a broad introduction to the topic selected. List out all the sections that you have read or will read in the future with respect to your topic – this way you know where you are heading to. The third step is concentrating on the sections like topic introduction, data collection relevant to the topic, literature review, result and finally the discussion.

The fifth step is compiling all the notes you have written down into the first draft. Once you have followed all the above mentioned steps, compiling your entire research paper becomes a very easy task.

Step six is a bit time consuming step where you need to make a complete document from the first draft. This also means tidying up grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes if any. Proofreading the paper to determine if it is readable, and making all the necessary editing like including or omitting certain information as required.

Editing and Proofreading

The seventh step is the extension of the sixth step of the program. This includes going through the entire document word by word looking for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Like checking for punctuation, grammar, spelling errors along with referring to the citations to censure correct citations.

7 Golden Rules for Writing a Research Paper

  1. Assign a timetable to write the research paper and maintain that schedule.
  2. Always discuss the framework with your guide or mentor.
  3. Never change a perspective and be accurate when it comes to mentioning Materials and Methods that were used in the research.
  4. Results must be objective, clear and concise.
  5. Make your introduction interesting that would draw a reader.
  6. Principles, relationships, etc., must be convincing enough.
  7. Revise your paper based on the feedback you receive.

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