A Special Hairstyle For Your Special Day

Whatever special occasion you have coming up – a wedding, as bride, bridesmaid or mum; a graduation; a prom; a party – you want to look your best and having great hair makes you feel good all over. Even if the diet has let you down and you are still to find that magical dress, a good hairstyle which brings out your best features is hard to beat when it comes to making you feel a million dollars.

Try something New in Advance

Although you might fancy a complete makeover and complicated hair style for a special day, try it out first – if you don’t like it, you can adapt it for the day itself and if you do like it, you get to enjoy it twice! RMUK Hairdressing loves to discuss options with their clients, so you can chat over what you want. Good hair stylists are happy to see a picture if you bring one in but don’t forget an important point – Catherine Zeta Jones’ new blunt fringe won’t necessarily make the rest of you look like Catherine Zeta Jones! You may have to adapt a style a little to allow for your face shape, but a good stylist will make sure your special hairstyle will make you look and feel good.

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Makeup to Match?

If you are having a radically different hairstyle, you may have to adjust your makeup too. This will also apply if you are wearing a dress that isn’t your normal colour; this will be especially important if you are a bride wearing white, of course, because white can really drain the complexion. RMUK stylists are pleased to pass you on to their colleagues for your facial, manicure and waxing services, so your skin and hair both look fabulous! Even if your occasion is something you have looked forward to for years, you can still feel stressed when it finally arrives and a lovely calming facial is just the job to make you feel relaxed and at your best, so when you book your special hairstyling, a full package is something to consider – a special day deserves the very best.

Book in Advance

If you are going to a prom or a high school graduation, don’t forget that there will be loads of others going there too – book early or you might not get the stylist you want and if you have your heart set on a particular style, you don’t want to be disappointed. A busy salon is the sign of really top-notch stylists so if you are planning to go somewhere such as RMUK you need to plan well ahead. This especially applies if you want a colour or long treatment such as perming or straightening, because the stylist can’t fit many of those in to any single day. The main thing about your special hairstyle though is to enjoy it – the whole process of having your hair cut and styled by experts such as those at RMUK is such a treat that it almost seems a shame to keep it for best!

Article by Freelance Copywriter, Rebecca Fearn who often writes for RM-UK.

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