Are Networking Events Dead?

You’ve probably been told time and time again that networking events are important for your career development, but many of us still do not attend them. They are generally boring, long and if we’re all honest with ourselves, a waste of time!

So is the networking event phenomenon dead? While many feel that this is the case, there are others that feel that networking events have a little life in them yet…

Networking is still a really valuable tool for a number of reasons – when embraced properly. Whether it’s for acquiring new business, getting a lead on a job, boosting your confidence or connecting with people in your dream job – there’s is still a need for networking in 2017.

Once you stop attending these events for a day off work, some free wine and a couple of souvenir lanyards, you will start to appreciate them for what the can actually offer you. Here’s what you can actually get out of a networking event.


It’s no lie that pending all your time in the office is boring. It really can sometimes get a bit too much, so why not attend a networking event to break up your day? Networking events provide a great setting for both socialising as well as boosting your career, so it is win-win from that perspective.

Boost Your Motivation

When you leave a networking event you will feel full of new ideas, inspirations and a real fresh sense of motivation. When you are placed in a room with fellow high achievers, it is hard not to go home and want to do better. If you’re not interested in building relationships with other people, at the very least a networking event as an opportunity to be motivated by others.

Keep Up-To-Date On Industry

When in a room with a number of people from your industry, you’ll be bound to get talking about what has been happening. This provides a great opportunity to hear what trends are developing and which others have been focusing on. It is also a great chance to understand the trends of your target market if you are attending for business growth purposes.

Get Nome New Ideas

Generally speaking, networking events will usually have an acclaimed or well-respected guest speaker attending. Hearing the ideas of those who have been very successful is a wonderful opportunity to learn and gain some fresh inspiration! If you treat the event as a learning opportunity, they really can be very beneficial to you.

Build Relationships

The best part about networking events is the idea that it will get like-minded individuals together in an informal environment. If your goal is to meet contacts in the industry you work in, or want to work in, then you should deffo attend a networking event. The events allow you to get to know people easier in comparison to the workplace, and are great for developing an initial relationship.


To summarise, networking is much more than simply showing up, getting some free snacks, and handing out some business cards. Practice and research will help you develop the skills it takes to really put yourself out there at a networking event.

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