Benefits Associated With Different Types Of Credit Cards

For any country, the health of its economy is closely inter-related to the soundness of its banking system. In the current economy, modern banks and their technologies have proved to be very useful in the economic development of a country. Even though, banks don’t create any wealth of their own, the borrowing, lending and related activities of a bank aid the process of production, distribution, exchange and consumption of wealth. This complete procedure makes them very effective partners in the process of economic development of a country.

Santander UK, since its establishment on 11th January, 2010, has been serving the citizens of the UK with its world-class banking services. The bank is a re-branding of Abbey National and the savings business and branches of Bradford & Bingley with the new name as Santander UK plc. You can always get in touch with them at their dedicated team on Santander Contact Number and can get all the required information you wish to get on their savings account, credit cards, mortgages, ISAs and much more.

Right now, Santander UK has two credits cards to help you choose from. Hence, whether you’re looking for cashback points to spread the cost of purchases or want to transfer a balance from another card, they’ve got everything covered for you:

  • 1|2|3 Credit Card: This credit card is specifically made to help you earn as much as cashback you want on your everyday spending. You can earn the cashback at supermarkets, department stores, gas stations and even on National rail and Transports services for London travel. Not only this, but you’ll also get to pay 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers to other credit cards for 23 months and that too, with no balance transfer fee.
  • Santander Credit Card: This card enables you to enjoy interest- free purchases for 18 months and to spread the cost of purchases made or balances from other credit cards. It gives you the liberty to enjoy both large as well as small purchases and you can spread the purchasing cost for over 15 months with 0% interest, no balance transfer fee and no monthly fee.

Feel free to call their dedicated advisors on Santander Contact Number to know more about the benefits of these credit cards and how to apply for them. The support team will be more than willing to help you with the answer for all your queries and concerns and will guide you with the registration procedure.

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