CAT Prep For Clearing IIT JEE

Ever wondered how is it possible to crack the IIT JEE with your CAT preparation? I guess it would sound nothing more that something silly and crazy stuff. However, this is very much possible. When you take a glance at the CATsyllabus and IIT Jee syllabus, you would see that there are a lot of topics and sections that are common. If you are studying for two competitive exams, CAT and GATE simultaneously, mathematics is one part that you will have to take care of. Mathematics is considered as one of the most difficult sections in both of these papers and students go through a really hard time while preparing for these. However, there are a lot of topics which commonly hold a place in the curriculum of both of these exams. Since this is the case, as a student it becomes easier for you to do the preps.

One section that is a nightmare for these students is the 3-d geometry part. Although it is claimed that these exams only cover the topics taught at the school level, there are a lot of students who find these topics very difficult. Various topics like 3-d geometry were taught to everyone in the school but the level of questions that they ask in CAT and IIT JEE are meant to turn your heads round. Since this is a very huge topics involving a lot of concepts and rules and holds a good weightage in both of these competitive exams, there is no choice of avoiding this topic. Also running away from the difficult topics is never a choice that you should make.

Making a proper study plan is very important when you prepare for competitive exams and the difficult topics. You need to make sure that you are at least aware of what the topic is all about, what it covers and the type of questions that are or may be asked from this section. When done with this basic preparation, sort out the topics and concepts as per your knowledge about them. For example, the 3-d geometry part also contains an important topic that is mensuration. Specifically in IIT JEE a lot of questions are asked on these types of topics. So divide your time in such a way that you give more time to those topics which you don’t know much about or the ones which are difficult. Competitive exams are all about clear concepts and practice. There would be no point if you keep on studying the theory but don’t learn its implementation in solving the problems.

So with a study plan, the needed stud material, practice and regular revision clearing IIT JEE with CAT prep will become easy for you. Taking help of your mentor and teachers at your coaching classes will help you track your improvement on a regular level. Do not focus on studying absolutely new things right a few days before your exam. Make sure you find out time for revision so that you master the topics and crack the IIT JEE with flying colors.

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