Children Of Divorced Parents Are They More Likely To Divorce

The family largely determines how we will face the life, marriage and commitment. These causes the children of divorced parents feel worried or insecure about the relationship of their parents affect their own marriages. The statistics on the effects of divorce on children is uncertain, as their percentages of success and failure are balanced. What is clear is that the divorce of parents can give their children the key to happiness and a stable marriage.

Before Marriage

The chances of success or failure of your marriage depend heavily on what happens in the past. Children of divorced parents often learn that divorce is the easy way to deal with a situation. Therefore, before marriage should question the reasons that could lead them to end in divorce. If they really feel ready to face adverse situations and problems with your partner, then you are ready for marriage. It is recommended to do this exercise with your partner, thus feel a greater security and confidence that they are on the same level of commitment and understanding, especially if both are children of divorce is given. The conversation should be open and honest about what it takes for them to compromise and be sure to know and understand the problems in the relationship and what that might arise and affect it.

Children Of Divorced Parents Are They More Likely To Divorce

Changes the Dialogue

No matter how much you’ve hated your parents fighting, damaging some of the examples you could be marked as normal. A child who has seen his father leave the discussion by half, may feel insecure and anxious if need to talk to your partner sensitive topics is presented. To avoid this, you must first identify the bad habits that you saw in your parents and look at you. Remember as a child of divorced parents these behaviors have been learned so you should not feel guilty, but to learn to avoid them. It is important that you carry out this process and very open communication with your partner form.

Be Honest and Safe

If you feel you are repeating negative patterns you saw in your parents before, during or after your divorce do not blame yourself or try to avoid them. This will only bring bigger problems and doubts. Instead, define these patterns, talk honestly with your partner and find the solution together. You must be clear that you are not hopeless to have a marriage like your parents, but you can learn from them to get away from those behaviors.

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