Choosing An Inspection Company In China

Inspection companies in China are highly diverse. Some of them are as big as multinational giants while others are as small as with 4-5 staff altogether. As a buyer, you probably will face challenge of chosing an inspection company. For your reference, we have following suggestions that can make the process simpler for you.

Visit The Inspection Company Personally

You cannot trust any of the inspection companies in China unless you visit their office in person. No matter how some of these companies advertise themselves over the Internet as state of art product inspection facilities, but you should visit personally to have a look at the company. Such companies disappear overnight and we bet you cannot trust any quality control partner until you personally visit their office and check their operations.

Review The Original Business License Of The Inspection Company

The best way to ensure the authenticity of an inspection company in China is to check their business license and ask tough questions like:

  1. What is the scope of their business license? These days buying agents, manufacturers and consulting companies sell themselves as inspection specialists, but in reality they are not.
  2. What business license tells about the history and experience of the company as an inspection service provider?
  3. What company license tells about the registered capital of the company? According to AQSIQ (Government of China Regulation) inspection companies in China can receive accreditation as a third part inspection body only if its registered capital is over 2.3 million RMB ($350K).

Apart from license information, qualification of inspectors working with these companies is also important. Ask for CV of the supervisor or engineer who will be inspecting your product, experience in dealing with product is a must.

Company Accreditation

Buyers often mistakenly accept ISO9001 accreditation of inspection companies in China as proof of quality, but in fact it is not. This certification is almost for every company, but the important certification for inspection companies in China and abroad is CNAS17020 and AQSIQ. If any company is not CNAS17020 or AQSIQ certified then it is illegal for that company to act as a third party inspection body.

Services & Reliability

Every single inspection company will sell itself as highly reliable body offering quality service, but in reality many of them are not. Generally speaking, some companies are too big to care for small or mid-sized customers while small inspection companies struggle with short experience in field. To ensure you get the best company you have to choose a business that cares for your needs enough to provide quality and reliable inspection services. You can get a glimpse of company’s service quality through their quotations as well.


Inspection service quotation is not comprehensive and valuable enough if it does not provide you with sufficient details. Following factors should be detailed in the quotation:

  1. What is the sample size per man-day?
  2. Is travelling cost included in inspection fee?
  3. How long will it take to complete the inspection?

Ask for a detailed breakdown of the quotation if you don’t agree with the price. This will help you decide whether the cost of inspection is reasonable or not.

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