Comparison Of Txm Lean Manufacturing Consultant And Internal Professionals

If you are seeking to adopt lean manufacturing in order to enhance the performance of your business, then the services of a consultant or advisor might come in handy. TXM – Lean Manufacturing is a very expansive philosophy on ways to enhance a business or a plant. It contains several techniques that help one to improve the effectiveness or quality of their products.

In order to fully implement lean strategies, one must have knowledge from books as well as enough experience. Majority of the people normally think that lean only entails waste reduction, but it also increases your company’s profitability. This is achieved through stopping waste creation and focusing on creating value.

External vs Internal Lean Professionals

It may happen that your employees fail to possess or meet the experience that one requires in order to fully implement the lean manufacturing objectives and strategies for your company. Chances are that you will require hiring someone who meets the experience and skills that you need. External consultants will definitely do the trick. This is because these consultants have been to other firms similar to yours. They therefore know what can work and what can’t depend your business. This will enable you to make reasonable choices for the way forward. It will also be a good way to escape the mistakes that others have made previously. Executing the lean manufacturing will be easy and bring good results.

Does Lean Only Involve Waste Elimination?

Lean entails defining value according to what the client knows. It involves ensuring that that value will flow from to the client right from the raw materials. This process requires respecting the taskforce and ensuring that they are always updated on matters at hand. This will keep them on the loop and ensure there is unity between everybody. Lean manufacturing therefore eliminates obvious wastes and saves a few dollars.

Advantages of Hiring these Consultants

Good Facilitation

A consultant will make your workforce give their best results since they have the expertise of working with many people. This will give you impressive results.


A consultant is not restrained by loyalties or internal politics in your firm which might hold them back from what they do. This means that whatever is happening in your company does not affect them and they fully concentrate on the important tasks. This is one of the things that ensure maximum results.


Compared to those from within, external consultants are given more respect. This means that they get more attention from the task force compared to internal ones. Also, hiring them is a gesture of commitment towards attaining of the set goals. This will encourage those involved to work even harder in order to make sure the objectives set are achieved.

These advisors have other links from firms they have previously operated in. This is important since your company can share a few development ideas with them to improve your company’s operations and techniques of carrying out its tasks.

Good Teacher and Coach

A consultant teaches your workforce what they know. He directs and trains them on what is to be done in order to achieve the shared objectives.

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