Documentation Required To Adopt A Child From Ukraine

Child adoption in Ukraine is a multistage process, which starts with the submission of a complete dossier of the prospective adopting parents. There are few mandatory documents, which have to be included in the dossier. On top of that, US citizens and residents of other countries should also check the specific rules and regulations regarding immigrants in their countries and how to apply for a visa for the child. In this article we have provided basic information about the documentation required to start the adoption procedure, for more detailed info and specific documents required in your country, contact consular officers in Ukraine or check with Ukrainian embassy in your country.

Petition for adoption

The main document, where you state your reasons for submitting the dossier and where you mention all of the documents included in your application.

Copies of IDs, Passports or other identification papers

Non-US citizens have to submit a copy of a permanent resident card issued in their respective countries.

Copies of Certificate of marriage

Only married couples can apply for child adoption in Ukraine. The copy of marriage certificate has to be notarized.

Clean Criminal record statement

Statement obtained from an authorized body confirming that the prospective parents have no criminal record.

Statement for Interpol check

Signed by both parents request for clearance check, authorizing Interpol and Ukrainian agencies to perform the necessary procedures.

Rental Documents/ Proof of Home Ownership

Notarized copy of documents, which confirm your rights to the apartment or house, where you live. The document should also include information about the number of bedrooms in your apartment.

Documentation Required To Adopt A Child From Ukraine

Home study

Document confirming that the home study for prospective adoptive parents have been completed. Home study should be performed by a governmental body in the parents’ country, if the home study was performed by a non-governmental agency, the dossier should also include a copy of license, which authorizes the agency to perform home studies. The document should include address of the prospective parents, living conditions in their home/ apartment, information about the parents and their approach to adoption. The home study should also include the social worker’s recommendation regarding the age and health conditions of the child/ children to be adopted by the prospective parents.

Certificate of Income

You need to submit a certificate of income for the six months prior to submission of the dossier. You can include any documents, which indicate your financial situation in the past 6 months. For example, for US citizens accepted certificate of income is the Form I-171H.

Medical certificate

There are specific requirements regarding the medical condition of the prospective parents, for example neither of them can be HIV positive or a drug addict. A visit to a doctor might be necessary to fill in the medical form for prospective adopting parents.

Entrance and permanent residence permit for the adopted child

The permit must be issued by authorized governmental body. Form I-171H is accepted for US citizens.

Registration commitment

Future adopting parents must commit in writing to registering their adopted child with Ukrainian embassy in their country no later than within one month from completing the adoption proceedings.

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