Essential Wilderness Kit: What To Include?

Certain areas like the Siberian wilderness of Kamchatka that remain uninhabited, uncultivated or inhospitable are often visited by the crazy Wilderness Travelers that are fond of expeditions and creating history. They go to such places taking lot of risk. Anybody intending to visit the areas engulfed with wilderness has to make use of certain tools that must be carried with him or her for comfortable stay and safety. Following is the list of tools that need to be included in the Essential Wilderness Kit.


Map, compass, wrist altimeter other related items are helpful to locate the water sources or other major points. Anybody visiting the wastelands may miss the paths. These items must be included in his or Essential Wilderness Kit. A unique compass with sighting mirror is also much useful for flashing purposes for the rescuer or helicopter for emergency purposes. Altimeter proves its worth as a navigational tool.

Sun Protective Tools

Sunscreen, sunglasses and particular types of clothing must be carried for protecting your skin from hot sun rays. Extra-dark glacier glasses are necessary for travelling on ice or snow.

Extra Clothing 

With the frequent changes in the weather, the persons intending to go to far off wastelands or snowy areas should take extra sets of clothing. Additional underwear, socks, vests, insulating hat etc should be included in the Essential Wilderness Kit to save from the sudden weather changes.

Essential Wilderness Kit: What To Include?


People visiting the backcountry must carry with them suitable lighting systems. Headlamps, extra bulbs, storm lanterns, flashlights, packable lanterns, spare batteries and incandescent bulbs etc should also be carried when going to wastelands. Extra candles should also be taken.


It is possible that while visiting the deep jungles or such abandoned places, you may be hurt. As such, you should include the first-aid items in your Essential Wilderness Kit. Treatments for wounds, blisters and other unexpected damages to your physique should be there with you. Gauze pads, adhesive bandages, different ointments, painkillers or other such medications should be carried.

Fire & fuel 

Going to distant wildered places like Siberian wilderness of Kamchatka? Do not forget to carry match boxes and sufficient fuel with you. You will require these things for comfortable stay.

Repair Tools 

You must take all the necessary repair tools when you visit the wastelands. Knives, fold out blades, screwdrivers, can opener, scissors and duct tapes etc should be included in the Essential Wilderness Kit.

Sufficient Foodstuffs 

Do not forget to take extra food stuffs with you. Nuts, energy bars, dried fruits, bread, butter, jams and other requisite items should be taken by you. Taking some beer bottles may give you extra joy.


Do not ever forget to carry extra water with you. Fill few cans with water and put them into the Essential Wilderness Kit before moving towards the wastelands.


Wilderness travelers must carry with them the requisite shelter tools. Tent, light tarp, emergency space blankets and large plastic trash bags should be there in your Essential Wilderness Kit if you are one of the Wilderness Travelers. You should carry the gloves and cigarette lighters etc too with them.

All the above essential items should be with you during your visit to far off abandoned jungles, high mountains or snowy areas. Staying away from homes for days together requires all these things for your protection from rough weathers and other dangers.

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