Greek Business Education: AUEB VS ALBA

Looking for the good business education in Greece, it can be really difficult to find out what the best business background is. It is better to start your informational search from two the biggest and the most competent business leaders – AUEB and ALBA. They are International MBA leaders.


MBA International from Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) is English-speaking school that is the first pretender for leading position in the region of Balkans. Do you think it is private school? You are wrong – the school is organized on basis of usual govern university. Actually, you feel like private student here: roomy space, private entrance, well-equipped auditoriums and modern technical equipment. This is the school of high quality. It is said that this IMBA program was aimed to be the Greek Harvard. Exactly so!

Let us count! The school welcomes more than 100 students every September. They are two big classes for Full Time and Part Time education. What are they, AUEB students? The part timers are Greek students. The full timers are Greek students and foreign students fifty-fifty. Never forget to hire a car in Athens and feel free to be the foreign student.

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The price for MBA programs in AUEB is not big – no more than 15 000 EUR for foreigners. For Greeks this price is cheaper. By the way, there is an opportunity to get fellowship in the university. Their education and living expenses are covered by sponsor-companies. As a rule, the fellowship graduates are no more than 4-5 persons. Moreover, foreign students are in favor for fellowshipping.

The reputation of AUEB student is very prestigious in Greece. There are no many foreign students in the university. So, the university does everything to attract more and more foreigners. The school offers free education. What a great opportunity for studious personalities.

Big Pluses

IMBA programs boast with the number of pluses. Not only price is attractive. First of all, the teachers are competent specialists. They are mostly Greeks – teachers from INSEAD, LBS, Cambridge Business School, Durham BS and other world popular schools. The second big plus of the school is tight connections with other universities. It helps students to use unique possibility to use students exchange programs. What a great chance to listen to the lectures in Milan, Pekin or Singapore!

Go to the University

The rules to enter the university are strict. They need standard pack of documents and not only. The future students also need TOEFL more than 100, GMAT high point and essay. The mean GMAT score for AUEB IMBA students is about 650. It is more than for many popular European business schools.

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Speaking about the business education in Greece, it is worth saying about ALBA – English speaking school. The school offers competent education for cheap. The price is not really high, comparing it with the standard price for business education in Europe. The MBA course from ALBA has many advantages. Before starting to number them, it is needful to inform all future students that ALBA is private business school. It means that ALBA students have no many attractions that the students from Athens University of Economics and Business usually have. Nevertheless, the list of ALBA benefits is also attractive and meaningful.

ALBA Benefits

First of all, ALBA students do not have strong university background. Nevertheless, the accreditation opportunities are wide and reliable. AUEB is specialist mostly in IMBA program. ALBA accredits MSc in Strategic HRM from EPAS (EFMD Program Accreditation System). As you can see, the approach is serious. Secondly, ALBA offers good training in not only MBA, but Executive MBA, MBA in Shipping and MBA in Banking programs. ALBA offers special programs for Part-time education with the wide opportunity to expand the term for 48 months.

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There is one more important plus of ALBA education. It is all about tight professional connections. The fact that the program was created on base of such important industrial manufacturers as Federation of Greek Industries, Employers’ Union in Greece and Hellenic Management Association gives strong guarantee to find good prestigious job after graduating. They are the first and leading industrial corporation in the list of Greek employers. All serious companies in the country maintain tight co-operative association with ALBA and ALBA graduates.

Full-time programs from ALBA are shorter in terms than the analogous course IMBA. It lasts about a year, saving about 2 months for after-graduating practice and job search. Nevertheless, IMBA offers student to present their diploma works in the process of education. Is it good or bad? The opinions differ. Finally, ALBA is proud of its campus for students. It is located in Vouliagmeni, 20 kilometers far from the center of Athens. The territory is attractive. You can find beaches near here. The good ecologic surrounding helps students to relax and feel Greece by taste.


What about pricing? The average price for ALBA is 20100 EUR and more. As you can see, the price for education is much higher than for IMBA course from AUEB. What is more, ALBA boasts with the wide diapason of students fellowships. It helps students to choose any program they like, even the most expensive to get it for cheap with the consideration of fellowship.

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Go to the University

The minimum demands for GMAT and TOEFL test results in ALBA are 550 and 100 points. The last year minimum level for GMAT was 500 points. The minimum needs for TOEFL is about 90 points. As you can see the students level is high. Finally, the list of documents is standard for all universities: information about previous education, 2 recommendation letters and 60 EUR application fee. Nevertheless, choosing ALBA, it is important to contact to this school beforehand to find out everything about the list of documents.

Actually, if you want to go to one or another business school, you should visit their websites and find out all needs and demands for the next year. There is not time to make wrong step on course to your professional growth.

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