How To Deal Uncontested Divorce

When a marriage has come to an end, it should be easy to follow for such separation is legal judicial process, which is called dissolution of marriage. If both parties agree with separation and with many of the points of the dissolution of marriage, we can say that is an uncontested divorce, which is accompanied by a regulatory divorce agreement.

As the uncontested divorce, the most economical option, we must consider both marital parties must agree on all points. Present the agreement by which the divorce and both parties shall be governed approximately six to eight weeks, the process will be fully ready. The total price is quite low, and that the case law tells us that justice will be free, and that therefore the court fees are prohibited.

How To Deal Uncontested Divorce

  • To file for divorce in mutual agreement with the regulatory agreement must have elapsed 3 months from the marriage.
  • The petition for divorce by mutual consent must be accompanied by regulatory divorce agreement, which must contain the following: Protest about the dissolution of the joint coexistence. Custody. Guard and Child custody, stay where children will be established. Maintenance payments on behalf of children. Attribution of the marital home. Allowance, if it is secured. Matrimonial settlement.
  • All pages must be signed by both spouses.
  • Once filed with the Court, this summon both parties to come to Court to ratify the convention presented; i.e. in front of a regulatory agreement confirm that the presented is actually signed by both parties officer. (If a party fails to appear, the process of uncontested divorce will be filed.)
  • Then he moved to the Public Prosecutor, which will confirm that no harm to the child does not occur in the decisions made by their parents.
  • Shortly you will receive judgment in which the agreement is approved, the dissolution of the marriage shall be established and all original documentation you brought the beginning is returned.
  • If eventually approved the Settlement Agreement is not consistent with the reality of the moment, it is possible to modify it. This request for modification may be requested by either spouse or by the prosecution, provided that there is a substantial change in circumstances (for example, a major change in the economy of one of the parents, either improving or declining, must replant pension with said parent contributes household expenditure)

A good regulatory agreement can greatly facilitate the coexistence of a family, remember that the agreement as agreements between the parties, while the judgment is always a surprise.

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