How To Divorce Without Hurting The Children

Divorces have increased alarmingly in our society, breaking the family unit and generating a series of conflicts in adults and in children. All members of each family disintegrating certainly are affected by the situation. Under this circumstance is very common feelings appear such as anger, frustration, sadness, insecurity and fear. It is normal to experience all this, because it is a heavy loss that causes significant changes in life.

Many times we do not know how to deal with this situation, and partners can engage in a fight relentlessly for custody of children, division of property, money, etc… In a divorce mishandled children are the most affected because they lack the tools to deal with the loss of his family. But it can be even worse if, coupled with this, who is in the care of small starts a smear campaign against Dad or Mom, trying to make the children stop wanting it, and preventing visits and phone calls. There are even cases where they can accuse the father or mother of committing a crime, in order to break the link with children without thinking that they are the first victims of his anger.

Parents Divorce, Children do not

The relationship is over, but the link with no children. They will have to learn to get along with the ex-partner for the welfare of children; true, it’s not easy, but not impossible.

Seek help from a Professional

Psychological support at this time is very useful to help overcome this process of loss that is occurring, and understand that you may be good parents without living under the same roof.

How To Divorce Without Hurting The Children

Choose Your Lawyer Well

Unfortunately there are unscrupulous people who profits from the pain of the people going through a divorce, and that in order to “win” their constituents do suggest negative things against his former partner with a vengeance; but that just leave more resentment and hurt the little ones are involved.

Children need a Family to grow Healthy

It is important to keep small frequent contact with extended family of mom and dad. Grandparents, uncles, cousins ​​and other family members’ help children develop as healthy as possible.

Speak no evil of Father or Mother is not present, or allows others to do so

As I mentioned before, it is very common among the problems one parent speaks ill of another; that, beyond hurting the former partner, affects the child, putting him in an awkward situation, because the little one is having a hard time seeing how his family disintegrates; when there would be a problem among adults and is forced to choose one parent, it is not at all healthy. Prevent is also important that other people close to you do, they are more angry with the former partner.

We must put the welfare of small resentments and frustrations to adults, to make them feel loved and protected by their parents, even if they are no longer together. There will always be differences, but in the end you can get good deals and stay in a healthy relationship and children.

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