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Everybody must work. If you feel like you’re stuck in a meaningless job, or you haven’t yet decided on your career, you might be on the lookout for careers with meaning. You must work hard at something for most of your life. You realize, however, that you want your career to mean something.

It might mean something to you in a personal way, like being able to work with your hands. Or, it might mean something to the world. No matter how your career lends meaning to your life, the goal of a meaningful future is a worthy one. Everyone deserves the chance to work towards something that makes them proud of the work they do. Whether you’re starting your work life for the first time, or you’re trying to find a better life route, this article is for you.

The following careers are perfect for anyone looking to add meaning to their life. You might find you want to work with nature. Or, perhaps you want to work with people. Whatever your goal, one of the following future paths could be right for you.


Everyone eats. Old and young, large and small, everyone needs food every day to live, go to work, play with their kids, and pass that history exam. Farmers might not make a huge salary, and they may not receive awards at community events, but farmers play a huge role in everyone’s well-being. Besides providing food for people around you, as a farmer, you could find a great deal of meaning in working with your hands.

If you know that an office job isn’t right for you, or if you don’t want to deal with a boss, and you don’t like large groups of people, farming could be the perfect career choice. Farming can be stressful, but it’s also private and simple. It’s also a great way to get back to nature. If you crave the simple life, you could try a career as a farmer.

Farming connects you to the world. You could work with canola seed suppliers in Australia. Your corn could end up halfway across the world. While farming isn’t easy, and you have to think of everything yourself, from agricultural metal roofing to planting dates, farming also improves the simple life. If you want to get back to soil and working with your hands, farming might be the right career for you.


People will always have health issues. That’s why healthcare workers will always be a necessity, and will always provide something valuable to society. If you want a career that matters, consider working in the healthcare industry. You’ll never want for a job, an interesting work life, or meaningful work days.

People interested in the healthcare industry have a many options. You could go to school for a few months, and end up as a CNA. Or, you could train for a decade, and achieve a doctorate. Allied health degree programs can help you towards jobs such as dietician or maternal health specialist. You can work in a dentist’s office, hospital, physical therapy clinic, and more.

Healthcare isn’t for everyone. The jobs are often high-pressure. You must be able to stand the sight of blood and make hard decisions. The salaries, however, are good, and the job satisfaction is great. When you work in healthcare, you know that your job is making a difference, each and every day. It isn’t easy, but the world is a better place because of the wok you do.

Home Builder

Everyone needs a place to live. If two of the greatest human needs are food and health, then the third biggest need is shelter. Families have to live somewhere. Everyone needs a warm, dry place to grow up, make memories, and feel safe. You might not want to work in healthcare, but you can still make people’s lives better in a quiet, satisfying way.

Home builders have the power to create that safe space for families every time they begin a new project. Some of the houses you create as a home builder will be lavish mansions, commissioned by private owners. Some will be low-income apartments. As a home builder, your job is to make sure everyone has a safe, well-made place to sleep at night.

As a home builder, you’re responsible for most of your work. You’ll work with a team of construction workers and oversee the job they do. You’ll get your commercial construction products in Lyndhurst, OH, and work with architects to find the right design. In short, if you don’t love working with people, home building allows you to make bright futures, without interacting much with your customers.


Besides care of the body, people are also needed to care for the mind. As modern psychology found, the wounding and healing of the mind is a real, necessary thing. As a psychologist, you’d contribute to that healing. Whether you choose to work with groups, organizations, or individuals, you could begin to make the world a better place.

There are many different psychology jobs available. You could provide talk therapy to individuals. You could work with recovering addicts, mental health patients, or children, either in groups, or one-on-one. You could work in schools or hospitals. There are many ways in which people need help, and there are many ways you could train to provide it.

Psychology jobs are demanding, and the proper degree takes at least five years to earn. However, many psychologists find both the demand and the schooling worth it. When your job is about making people’s lives better, especially regarding serious issues like depression and abuse, you know you’re making a difference every day. If you’re interested in a career in psychology, talk to a therapist, and ask them how their job is. If the schooling sounds worthwhile, you could start a career in psychology today.

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