Regulatory Changes To Control Sex Crimes

The unlawful sexual behavior among two or more than two people is called a sex crime. For example, law forbids some acts such as sexual abuse or some behaviors that are not appropriate and considered a taboo by social norms. Unwanted sexual contact between two people without the agreement of one of them is considered sexual abuse. Modern age has brought internet in our lives.

Apart from good things, internet also promotes bad activities which include internet sex crimes. By using internet for sexual harassment, attracting children or vulnerable people in the chat room, promoting visual pornography, showing indecent and vulgar acts to a minor, promoting prostitution are included in internet or online sex crimes. Child pornography crimes can cost heavy penalty and imprisonment for many years. There are strict laws for internet sex crimes under both state and federal laws especially child pornography because sometimes it leads to physical violence and murder of the children involved.

There are severe punishments for the convicted of internet sex crimes. A sex criminal can be punished with jail time for many years and large fine penalties. In addition to this, the criminal must register with the Sex Offender Registry Board. There are regulation changes for online sex crimes which include the system of keeping track of sex criminals by the government authorities. All the states have the authority to keep the bio data about the sexual culprits. They have the registration and tracking system in function. After much effort, congress passed some federal laws to deal with sex criminals’ registrations and thus regulations were changed for online sex crimes. For example, these laws provided the authorities to keep track of sex criminals from one place to another.

Megan’s law permits the state to make private and personal information of criminal available to the public. Sex criminals have to make available their photographs, names, addresses, crimes and other information public. The Adam Walch Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 was applied to make federal charges strong for crimes against children. This law allows forming New Regional Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces. These task forces work for the states against criminals exploiting the children through internet. Sex offenders not only have to reregister to the law authorities where they are located but, also, to the administration where they work and study as well. All these regulation changes for online sex crimes have helped a lot to control these crimes.

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