Respect The Delta Sorority

The  History of Delta is important to both the Black Group, and the United States as a whole. From  its originating  in 1913, Delta Sigma has given selfless help to those in need. As a Greek association they focused on communal service and group improvement. The association typically hires women who are in university or have qualified from college for membership. All  educated women are welcome to associate with them, regardless of race, religion and  nationality. Nevertheless, They focus on African Americans, so nearly all of its representatives are of African American descent. Delta Sigma Theta begins with its origination on January 13,1913 with a set of women from Howard University. The creator of the association wanted to tie up together to give  public help  and encourage educational success. Today, the association has more than 200,000 representatives in 900 chapters covering  the United States, Bermuda, Korea, the Virgin Islands, Japan, England and Germany. This association has Associateship in the NAACP.

Aim of Delta:

This sorority survives to give community service and acknowledge the challenges that individual in all countries faces, inclusive of the United States. Delta Sigma Theta has earlier established an agenda to build up the African-American group, enhance international development, make better health care, upgrade  education, and give education and health supervision to those who cannot pay for it. The association’s communal service schemes utilize an institution format called as the Five-Point Program Thrust. Under this format, each scheme the association implements targeted to cultivate  political involvement and information, encourage mental and physical health, upgrade  involvement and alertness of international matters, encourage educational development, and boost economic growth for the African American group. It contains assignments such as the structure of housing for older people and promoting programs to promote fresh eating and weight loss in the members of the group. They also conduct the agenda with the eventual goal of coaching women to manage their money and invest in the home position.

International Awareness and Involvement

They have a unique background of involvement in international matters, inclusion of  human rights and cultivating infrastructure.  This involvement managed to the formation of many chapters outside of the US and the assistance in projects associated with addressing the requirements of different cultures.

Respect The Delta Sorority

Physical and Mental Health

As an association of mostly African American women, It is exclusively positioned to force  not only the comfort of its representative, but also the happiness of families and society at large.  To help this creation, a Health Task Force was started to cultivate and facilitate the way of life change for the mental, spiritual and physical well-being of association members and the groups they serve. The Health Task Force goals are to:

  • Bring  awareness regarding the importance and advantages of lifestyle alteration that affect durability, mortality and morbidity.
  • Recognize organizational agreement for the association that will work to label pertinent health matters; and
  • Cultivate and execute a health – focused agenda within the association and the groups they serve.
  • Receiving the bill of the Health Force, LASB strongly implements schemes with an importance of mental and physical health.

Arts and Letters Committee

The Arts and Letters Commission was well established with the aim of helping African American women in the arts.  During its past, the Commission has been composed of accomplished representative of the association. The LASB Arts and Letters Community commonly formulate members to show up at local performing arts, literary arts, visual arts and other enlightening events.


Delta is a sorority of more than 200,000 mostly  black universities educated women, across the world. Delta Sigma Theta members are strong,  passionate, motivated and intelligent women. Their membership consists of  leaders in, athletics, community activism, education and scholarship, business, entertainment, literature  and media, as well as in authority. Deltas are an operating force in our community.

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