Stockbroking – A Game Of Chance and Experience

Because an investor is committing money into a project with the expectation of it gaining some profit. A capable stockbroking team can be a comforting aspect for the new trader. A new trader or investor may not have any idea of how involved they should be and indeed, in what assets they should be involved in You want your money to work for you, and if you’re involved in a full time day job, investing allows you to maximize your earning potential.

But how do you get going and how can you be sure you’re on the right track before committing money to the stock market? What do you want to achieve, how much risk are you prepared to take and which investments will be appropriate for you?

Benefit from Someone Else’s Expertise

There are many different ways you can go about making an investment such as mutual funds, stocks, bonds etc and each one has its own positives and negatives. Everybody wants more money, and today’s traders have the opportunity to access the knowledge and expertise of a reputable, award-winning stockbroking team. CMC Markets offers world-class advisory services for their clients and will assist with trades across the full spectrum of derivative instruments.

This is useful for new traders who can easily fall prey to failed investments because they didn’t know how to do proper research. New traders simply want to rely on a dedicated team who can help them get the most out of their investments.

Set up a Brokerage Account

Before you start investing, you need a brokerage account with a regular broker – one who is a member of recognized organizations such as the Securities Investor Protection Corporation among others.

  • only deal with authorised and regulated brokers
  • simply complete the online form – the response comes in less than a minute
  • applicants can mostly be identified online and this eliminates the need for any frustrating paperwork
  • once you’ve confirmed your ID, your application process gets underway and your stockbroking account is opened the very same day
  • you can begin trading over the phone or online immediately
  • you can deposit funds into your account through an array of different payment methods, and then you’re ‘A’ for Away – ready to start trading.
  • you can trade all exchange-traded securities which include ordinary shares and warrants. You can trade options too which gives investors the flexibility to grow or diversify their position. You can place orders with an Options dealer by phone. Online brokerage starts from about $11 or 0.10%, and telephone orders start from about $60 for shares trade value up to $20,000
  • you get instant access to thousands of products
  • you get the support of 24/7 customer services
  • you get access to an industry-leading web-based platform and charting package as well as access to mobile trading with free iPhone and Android apps.

You Expect Total Confidentiality

With stockbroking, when you look for a broker you need to know that your information is going to be 100% safe with them and that they won’t sell your data to 3rd parties for marketing purposes.

New and seasoned traders expect a full range of stockbroking services –

  • a stockbroking team that looks after you and your share portfolio
  • many ways to invest – online, via your mobile etc
  • plenty of trading expertise you can act on
  • a wide choice of services dependent on your stockbroking needs
  • sophisticated investment instruments such options and futures
  • certainly you want a stockbroking team who are active in the market and who pursue opportunities to assist you in growing your investments.

The best stockbroking team are the ones who assess your goals and establish what your level of involvement and risk are so that they can tailor their services to help you. Depending on how involved you wish to be with each sell/buy decision, you can choose different ways to invest.

Money CAN be Made

Your investing style is an important factor when selecting a broker. The online broker market is very competitive, but remember that differences exist in services, reputability, reliability as well as costs and these can help traders choose the broker that’s the best for them. Go with the one that offers accuracy in terms of what the trader needs, who operates safely and who offers excellent customer support so that you get the feeling there is definitely money to be made.

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