The 5 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

When undertaking, there are many factors that influence directly in the success or failure of an entrepreneur. These factors not only include issues related to economic or financial matters, but also other aspects of social, political or cultural.

While it is true that almost all entrepreneurs learn along the way, it is important to consider the main factors that must learn to recognize and cope during the process to avoid making the most common mistakes in this exciting challenge of becoming are a successful entrepreneur. Here are some of the most common mistakes that entrepreneurs make.

Don’t Know how to sell: Every entrepreneur should know that there is only one way a company becomes successful and is selling, move your cash register. If the entrepreneur does not have sales training, the first thing to do is learn to make a simple marketing plan and execute strategy to achieve sell your product or service.

Lack of accounting, tax and legal knowledge: Every entrepreneur must have knowledge in these subjects are so basic. I have seen many entrepreneurs who cannot afford their products and therefore do not realize they are losing rather than generate profits. Also, due to ignorance as to the accounting and tax obligations they have with the state, they are left to fulfill a number of obligations after being subject to fines and even closure of their companies.

Invest in things that really were not necessary: All the start dream of having modern and attractive offices, spacious, the latest technology, etc., But then we realize that the most important thing when we started our company is to invest in teams, highly competitive, tools and activities that aim to generate revenue for the company. All other things can wait.

Lack of a global view to find customers, suppliers and investors: Knowing that there are countries or regions that are powers in certain economic sectors or certain technologies, entrepreneurs leads to mistakes, make bad investments, or limit on what we can do.

Unfocused: When is starting a business, it is very common that the entrepreneur will find new opportunities. This is very good and means that the future company may have different business units. But it is not recommended that the entrepreneur starts many things at the same time trying to cover everything because this can blur and make no concrete or consolidate anything.

Although mistakes made when undertaking are many, and in most cases very expensive, this road is full of moments that make you feel that the entrepreneur lives to be worth every second. Only a few brave dare to face their only full of passion, dreams, faith and hope that they can achieve giants, do not know when but they are sure that one day they will be successful and this is stronger than all the challenges to be face, because in the end when they have accomplished they will realize that.

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