The Best Family Lawyers In Richmond Hill

When serious issues come up in a family, there is always a struggle. Family issues like preparing wills for the terminally ill, dangerous confrontational issues, or divorce require professional attorney services. Family lawyers don’t just do divorces. That is a myth. They actually hand any and all aspects of family law, some of which is quite friendly and non-confrontational at all. For example, you would need great family lawyers in Richmond Hill if you are going to get together as a family and prepare a will for the grandparents and other elders. However, divorce also happens and you need professional family lawyers for this as well.


Having a divorce is a serious issue if you have a family. Typically, it is not a big deal if there are no kids involved and the couple doesn’t have that much in the way of mutual assets. On the other hand, if there are kids it is an entirely different issue. Normally, a trial separation will be suggested and that is probably a wise option to consider just in case you two might not really want to get divorced and you just think you do. Sometimes family or individual counselling is the issue. The good news is that the lawyers will help you determine this as well.

With kids, there will be issues regarding child support and custody arrangements. This can entail a variety of different agreements and boundaries. Sometimes one spouse gets to keep the home and sometimes it is best if part of the agreement is that both parties move to completely different homes. All of these little details depend on numerous circumstances but should be particularly focused on the well-being of the children. This is especially true if any of the children have special needs. Your family lawyers in Richmond Hill will handle all of the details of the divorce right up to the end and beyond.

Collaborative Family Law

Collaborative family law is not something we usually hear much about, but it is basically the kind of legal intervention which is required during family conflicts. As there are many possible conflicts which can occur within a family, there is not really a need to provide examples. Sometimes this is actually a better solution than divorce. Often, family conflicts needlessly lead to divorce and this is not good since such an outcome could have been prevented with the proper legal counselling.

Family lawyers are trained and experienced at conflict resolution and they will work with you every step of the way to come to a legal agreement which will eventually mend the situation. This way, you don’t actually have to get involved with courts, court fees, and all of that mess. Instead, this is done in a private setting with coaches present. This is often done during periods of legal separation to see if the conflicts in the marriage can be resolved rather than lead to divorce. Look into this option before divorce because you could be saving a very important relationship and providing your children with an unbroken family.

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