The Different Ways You Can Secure Your Storage Container

No household or office can be called self sufficient with respect to space. With time, and our even growing purchases, we tend to fall short of space. The stuff that is taking up space may not be required right away, but you may anticipate its need in the future. These are times when you may need a storage container. Other reasons why you can consider storage containers are when;

  • You are renovating your house
  • You may be relocating.

In both these cases, you may want temporary storage to keep your household goods safe and secure. The best way to go about it is to hire storage containers.


Types of storage containers

The most widely used storage containers are available in sizes of:

  • 7 ft x 7 ft x 8 ft height
  • 12 ft x 8 ft x 8 ft height
  • 16 ft x 8 ft by 8 ft height
  • 6 ft x 7 ft x 8 ft height
  • 8 ft x 5 ft x 7 ft height

Container materials

These containers are available in various materials such as:

  • Wood
  • Fiberglass
  • Steel

If you are looking at long-term and a secure storage then steel containers is your best choice. For relocation purposes, fiberglass works just as good, provided transportation and storage in transit is securely handled by the moving company. Fiberglass has an advantage that it will not corrode. Choosing a secure container and a reliable moving company is important but it is equally important you know about the various ways you can make soothe most of them by taking a few steps. This is even more relevant if you are using containers for short or long term storage.

Securing Containers

  • The first step is to select the right container size. Select units with swing doors with invisible inside mounted piano hinges and multiple closures. That makes it difficult for vandals to break through the weaker points. Select units made of at least 3 mm welded steel. Units must have 5 lever mortise locks with additional facility to secure the container with padlocks. You can add your own padlocks. Starting with an anti-vandal unit is a good idea, if long term storage is your goal.
  • Consider if you can get a high security single door container with Euro cylinder and 10 point lock unit. Such units usually have anti-jemmy bolts fitted to the spine of the door.


A storage unit or a secure storage container can never be too safe against vandals armed with saws, jemmy, angle grinders, chisels, torches or bolt croppers. ,

  • Install an additional security container padlock with steel armor jacket that are pick and drill resistant as well as cut resistant, with a custom keying system.
  • Opt for an additional padlock protector shroud for enhanced security of storage containers. The tamper-proof shroud shields the padlock inside it yet allows easy opening and closing of doors. Such lock boxes totally cover the padlock to give you the container additional security.
  • Another option that you can consider is to use crossbar locks. This is a do it yourself type of kit that can be installed in seconds. Provided the design of the storage container allows it, the cross bar can be fitted to cover the door handle and thus prevent it from turning. This is one more deterrent that consumes time of the intended burglar and keeps your valuables safe.
  • If you are using the container close by then you could install a wi-fi video surveillance unit with motion sensor mounted over the door. You can choose to record at intervals and also have an alarm to be triggered by the motion sensor. There are GSM container alarm systems that allow 24 hour monitoring using mobile networks.

When it comes to security you cannot do enough. Investing in security of storage containers will give you peace of mind.

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