Toronto Election Campaign Reaches Its Peak

Toronto municipal election that will occur on October 27, 2014 provide the voters with an opportunity to elect the city top officials, to be exact – a mayor and 44 councillors. The elected individuals will determine the ways of city development and control municipal budget for years to come. People living in Willowdale have the right to choose new Ward 23 councillor, a person to stand for the rights of their community. For some reasons much attention is paid to election campaigns of nominees for mayor office, while nominees for councillors offices stay in the shade. Mayor is undoubtedly the main, but not the only person in charge of city policy. In fact, councillors, representing each of 44 Wards form the city council, which is the main governing and legislative body, have enough power to affect the process of decision making. Therefore it is equally important to choose the right mayor and reliable councillor – an advocate of the Ward’s interests.

Toronto Election Campaign Reaches Its Peak

Willowdale is ethnically diverse community of Toronto that is a home to almost 80 thsd. people. All of them, regardless of age and nationality, are concerned with unresolved problem of traffic congestion in the area. Thousands of people are forced to spend their time in traffic jams instead of shopping, entertainment and other social activities. And it turns out that it is not only the problem of individuals, but also a problem of small business development in the district. It is a fact that small businesses are the main sources of fiscal revenue. It is a prime example of how one problem creates another. That is why the problem needs to be resolved as soon as possible, because people of Willowdale are fed up with all those election promises and are at the limit of their patience, besides the solution of the problem will promote local business and subsequently increase the tax flow to the city budget.

In this regard, voting in a new leader, each dweller gets a chance for better living conditions. The main point is that not everyone deserves a councillor office. Therefore, all residents of Willowdale are encouraged to examine personal histories and election platforms of the candidates.

Making a choice, remember that political leader is a symbol of community and the example of its political behavior, able to realize its interests through the given power. Personality of a political leader is a complex entity and consists of various interrelated elements. Not all of them are equally responsible for political behavior of a leader, but the most important personal characteristics, which should be taken into account are: needs and motivations that influence political behavior, the system of major political beliefs, style of political decision-making and interpersonal relations. Vote for the candidate you suppose has the best personal and professional features.

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