Travelling In Business: TOP Co-Working Centers In Old Europe

Travelling over the Europe you want to relax and enjoy your travelling. It can happen that you suddenly faced with the pressing business. So, you have to find a place to work instead. Forget about searching for Wi-Fi in the cafes or hotel lobby. It is better to visit one of co-working centers in the city. Of course, it is very comfortable to work there, more comfortable than in the hotel room. Meet the most interesting co-working places in Europe!

Sektor 5, Vienna, Austria

Sektor 5 is more than 5 years old. This is a perfect place to start up. You can see a big working zone for 75 work places, chill outs, special room for telephone or skype-communication, indoor terrace-balcony to smoke and coffee zone. The wooden floor is mold and vintage. The total are of the room is 600 square meters. The conference hall is available for everyone. Nevertheless, it is much cheaper for residents.

To become a resident of Sektor 5 you have to meet with founders. About half of the space is taken by permanent residents. The rest of places are changeable. Of course, all residents may visit different events every week. They are TechCrunch, Facebook Hackaton, Arduino Lab и Prezi International Geek-together and others.

Travelling In Business TOP Co-Working Centers In Old EuropeBetaHaus, Berlin, Germany

One of the biggest co-working center of Europe is BetaHaus in Berlin. It occupies territory of 2 500 square meters. There is a big cafe, four conference halls, big space for different events and 1 500 square meters of co-working space. You can find classic working places for consultants and entrepreneurs, creative DIY-places for designers or startup teams. There is also a big amphitheater to take brain storms. Welcome to the work shop Open Design City, where you can do something with your hands.

Hub Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland

The popular Swiss Hub is situated between giant arcs of the old overpass in the railway station. There is a stairs and meeting rooms. Zurich co-working cooperates with the local department of WWF to organize season vacancies programs for the social business operators. If you are not enough social for this Hub, you are offered to find any other co-working place. Speaking about prices, you should pay for the amount of working days per week but not per hours.

TechHub, London, Great Britain

This co-working from England is positioned as space for startups and business development. You can also find TechHub in Manchester, Riga, Bucharest. The partners are Google, Adobe and ZenDesk. There is 100-megabit internet, mobile desks with a lots of electricity points, coffee, meeting rooms, flipcharts, white boards and cabins.

If you want to be a resident, you have to meet owners, other residents and touch the atmosphere. You are asked about your service or product, about your possible investment in co-working community. The events are aimed to meet communicate to each other. There is also a possibility to find good investor for your project.

Travelling In Business TOP Co-Working Centers In Old EuropeAalto Venture Garage, Espoo, Finland

One of the most original co-working centers is Aalto Venture Garage from Finland. It is situated in a big garage 1 500 square meters in a university campus of Espoo. The main co investor of the project is university and student community Aaltoes. So, startups from all over the world are welcomed to live in campus. Besides, Aaltoes organize the biggest startup conference in the North Europe – Slush Helsinki. There are 150 working spaces, conference hall for 100 persons, exhibition room, meeting room, fitness hall and sauna to relax from the hot brain storm.

Utopic, Madrid, Spain

The creators of Utopic offer several platforms in the center of Madrid. They are UtopicUS1 and UtopicUS2 for 1 200 and 1 000 square meters. They are going to open the next platform under the name Utopic & Company for 1 000 square meters in the building of city trade center. The co-working platforms are equipped with metal columns. There is also a big column lobby for 450 square meters in Utopic_US1. It looks really impressive. There are four schools on a base of co-working platforms: visual communications, modern humanitarian, music school and school of personal training.

Travelling In Business TOP Co-Working Centers In Old EuropeFaro Avenida Business Center, Faro, Portugal

Faro is the most popular city in Portugal, Algarve. This is a city of sunny weather and 200 kilometers of golden sea coast. This is also the city of historical attractions. This is a favorable place for startups and international investments. Just hire a car in Faro and drive ahead to find the place for realization of your great ideas. Avenida Business Center is the most popular business place in the city.

The center has all necessary for your business: working space, international investments, professional coaches. The big office is right place for co-working discussions. Such services as virtual office, office, conference halls, video conference, meeting rooms are available.

LX Factory, Lisbon, Portugal

Co-working is situated in the industrial platform of ex-factory in Lisbon. Nevertheless, this is the most creative place in the city. There are 52 working places, 16 mini-studios, free coffee, water, Wi-Fi, kitchen, conference-hall, meeting rooms, cabins. You may also take your kids with you. Besides, there is a cafe to eat. The giant windows of the 19th century open the most admirable river view. If you do not like industrial aesthetic, you may easily visit other popular co-working center of the same owner – Palacio. It is founded on base of the university to welcome the best creative ideas.

Travelling In Business TOP Co-Working Centers In Old EuropeLoffice, Budapest, Hungary

Co-working was founded in 2008 in Budapest. Loffice is family business that was awarded with the special price for young business operators in 2010. Loffice has four platforms in Budapest and one in Vienna. The co-working center is 300 square meters. There are three meeting rooms, conference hall, two mini-offices. One of them consists of six co-working studios. The mini-offices are for rent for 10 EUR. The standard season ticket includes working space of needed size. If you want to use conference hall or meeting room, you have to make additional payment.

You can come to Loffice with pets. There is also morning coffee and shower for sport lovers.

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