Vaping Is Cool, But Not In The Workplace… Or Is It?

If you were to ask nearly 90 percent of the population how they feel about smoking, there would be a resounding, “we hate it.” If we were in 1965, the answer might be something more like, “I don’t care at all, it’s literally everywhere.” Smoking culture has been changing and innovating for many years now, vaping being the latest trend that sets aside cigarettes and welcomes e-cigs.  

Vape culture has grown tenfold as social media buzzes with news about the latest trends behind the hobby. Vaping isn’t just about smoking vapors, it’s about a certain look, a certain lifestyle, a certain impact you hope to have. So why is vaping slowly losing momentum in the workplace? Well, similarly to cigarettes, newfound vaping research is being published that suggests the initial lack of concern surrounding the topic was irresponsible on the part of marketing firms; they highlighted an activity as being a healthy alternative to an unhealthy habit, when in reality it comes with it’s own set of problems. Smoking and vaping are two very different things, but the culture around them is similar enough to strike worry in the hearts of many Americans.

Cons to Vaping at Work

  1. The Health-Conscious Lifestyle: These days, most people have become highly sensitive about their bodies and what they put in them, as well as what they surround their bodies with. People have taken more seriously what they eat, how they dress, the amount of water they drink and so much more. This, naturally, would lead to an array of policy changes in the workplace, like smoking indoors (no more cigs at the desk), available employee beverages (so much LaCroix!), company luncheons (gluten-free sandwich, anyone?) and so forth.
  2. Air Pollution: A scientific study performed by Wolfgang Schober of the Bavarian Health and Food Safety Authority found that vaping increased the levels of certain pollutants in the workplace, like nicotine and aluminum. This is, obviously, not fair to employees who don’t vape or smoke regularly. They shouldn’t have to inhale aluminum while they work.
  3. Asthmatic Employees: The workplace is meant to be an environment where everyone can be successful as well as safe while they earn their living. Smoking and vaping indoors led to a high level of complaints by employees who suffer from breathing disorders. Sure, vapors aren’t exactly smoke, but they can surely irritate the lungs of a person who suffers from asthma, upper respiratory infections or any form of apnea.

Pros to Vaping at Work

  1. Multi-tasking = Efficiency: People were obsessed with fidget spinners when they first came out, why, because they acted as a tool to enable children to multi-task at their desks without losing focus. E-cigs do the same thing for many adults. Their level of focus actually heightens while vaping because they are activating more areas of their brain, in turn, enhancing their ability to think critically and effectively accomplish tasks.
  2. Weight Loss: There have been a number of studies to support the theory that vaping, similarly to smoking cigarettes, can help you lose weight. Differently from cigarettes, vaping not only eases your appetite in general, but it specifically eases your appetite for sweet foods. Some believe this is due to the inhalation of sweet-flavored liquids. Vaping can also help break the habit of bored eating by giving you an alternative activity in your boredom.
  3. Self-Care is Critical: All too often, people allow work to take over their lives, forgetting to make sure their own mental wellness is taken care of. Vaping can act as a reminder to some people to pull away from their screens, even for a moment, to step outside, experience some fresh air and let their mind relax. Though vaping isn’t necessarily the healthiest alternative compared to say taking a walk or eating a light snack, it can surely do the work of distracting you from a busy day and giving you your much needed “me time.”


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