Ways To Maintain Vending Machines

The key to having a successful vending machine business, besides the location and products, is knowing how to properly take care of all your machines. Just like every other business that people have, maintenance is essential to running a fruitful business. Since vending machines are often used by many people almost every single day of the year, machines start to stumble on minor and even major problems along the way, basically just the normal wear and tear that each machine goes through. Since wear and tear does happen, maintaining it regularly is the key to keeping up the success of your business. Here are ways that you use to maintain your vending machines.

Have a Handy Dandy Toolkit

In having any kind of business, you have to make sure that you are ready for all types of situations. For vending machines, you should always have your handy dandy toolkit available if ever there are certain problems that your vending machine encounters. Here are some vital tools that you should include in that kit:

  • Handy tool kit bag
  • Flat headed and multi-bit screw drivers
  • Vice-grip and needled nose pliers
  • Volt meter
  • Flashlight
  • A level
  • Surge protector
  • Extension cord
  • Cloth and sponge
  • A bucket
  • Touch up paint
  • Paint brush

Ways To Maintain Vending Machines

Always Clean the Condenser Coil

During set up of your vending machine(s), make sure that the unit is at least 4 to 6 inches away from the wall so that it receives proper ventilation. This is your best bet for those machines that have refrigeration systems. Make sure to clean your condenser coil at least once every year. You could also check on it and clean it every 4-6 months depending on where your machine is located. You could use a small vacuum, rag when cleaning the condenser coil, whichever you feel is appropriate and can get the job done right.

Clean the Bill Acceptor

Every couple months, make sure to check on the bill acceptor. This is an essential part of the vending machine since it is the component that receives the bills and if it is not functioning properly, there could be major problems affecting your business. There are a few times where the “eye” or the sensor will start to collect dust and it could prevent acceptance of bills being put in. Make sure to properly wipe the sensor every couple months with a rag or cloth to prevent stumbling on this problem.

Clean the Vending Machine’s Exterior

A clean machine equals more attraction of customers. Make sure to clean your units every couple months. You might have to clean its exterior more if the location is outside where it could collect more debris and dust.

Check on the beverage Door

If your vending machine serves cold drinks, make sure that it really does dispense cold drinks. Customers will not be happy with their beverages if they are not at its desired temperature, especially during a hot day. Try to turn the locking handle upwards until the gasket around the door is flushed. After, you could turn the handle another half turn to make sure that the connection is not too tight.

It is best if you check on your vending machine a couple times throughout the week. You do not necessarily have to clean it every single time you visit each unit but it is best to keep a good eye for any collection of debris, dust and other gunk that could hinder your profit from piling up.

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