What Are The Free Ways To Advertise My Business Website?

For most of the people, internet has become an inevitable part of their lives to communicate with others, complete their tasks, and discover several things in their daily lives. Why should the business owners not use the power of internet to drive traffic to their website? There are a lot of opportunities offered by the internet to pull the visitors to your website and also convert them into customers. Well, now you may have a question: how to drive traffic to my business site?

Whether you want to market your products or services online, there are hundreds of ways in which you can reach your target users. The best thing is that there are multiple free methods available for you to help you generate profits. Without spending thousands of dollars, you can promote your brand to the online world. Isn’t that amazing?

Here are 5 simple and free ways in which you can pull traffic to your website:

  1. User friendliness plays a major role

Business owners should understand what their visitors have to say. Pay special attention to their comments, complaints, and suggestions and make the required changes accordingly. It is necessary to have a contact form and place contact information on the website so that the users can contact you directly and provide the feedback or the suggestions.

  1. Take the advantage of social media

There are dozens of social media websites where you can find millions of targeted users who might be interested in your products or services. Every business should create profiles on social networking platforms and share information on a regular basis. You should stay active on social media by running contests or sharing other people’s posts on your profile pages. Try every possible way to engage your audience.

  1. Use the power of blogging to increase brand popularity

The power of blogging cannot be ignored even by modern advertisers. Blogs are a great way to increase the traffic to your website. You can set up blog on your website or a separate one to post informative content to attract and engage the users. You can also try guest blogging to get more traffic to your website.

  1. Press releases to share news or announcements

A press release can be a good way to create some buzz about your brand. You can post any type of announcement related to your brand or products/services and attract audience. You can also share links to your website via press releases. One great thing about press release is that it may be picked up by others to be published on their websites. There are several press release websites that submit your website to Google news and this way your website gets a good boost in search engine rankings.

  1. Email marketing isn’t dead

Yes, you read that right. Email marketing is not dead. You can shoot emails to your potential customers and existing clients to promote your brand. You can include information about the latest offers, sales, online coupons, and new launches to attract the visitors to your website. Place an option of newsletter subscription on your site so that the users who are interested in getting updates can submit their email address and sign up.

There are many free classified ads sites where you can submit your ads and get maximum online exposure. Most of the classified ad websites allow you to post the website URL and so, you can expect good amount of traffic to your business site. Even a layman can post free ads online on such websites and expect great advantages. 

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