What Should You Do After Being Attacked By A Dog?

Getting attacked and bitten by an angry dog is an incredibly traumatic experience. It can of course result in serious medical injuries and even disabilities, as well as psychological trauma and discomfort around animals and even in public places, such as sidewalks and parks

The first thing you should do after being attacked by a dog is get medical help. Don’t delay on this, as dogs can infect you, and can carry diseases such as rabies – the worst case scenario for any dog attack.

With bad bites you could need stitches, and may even think about getting plastic surgery to fix any disfigurement. During the entire medical process, make sure your injuries are properly documented, as this information is vital for bringing legal action over the incident.

What Should You Do After Being Attacked By A Dog?

Accident Details

Getting information about the dog and its owner is one of the first things you should do after your attack injuries have been dealt with.

Top of the list here is finding out the name and contact information of the animal’s owner.

If you’re attacked in public, don’t know the dog owner personally and the wounds aren’t critical, make sure you get this information right away before you leave the scene of the attack. Also take photos of your injuries, and write down your account of the attack immediately after.

Call Authorities

You’ve been injured because an animal was acting wildly and irresponsibly. This is a time to contact law enforcement or animal control officers and report the attack. Get a police report written if possible.

Call an Injury Lawyer

Don’t downplay the incident and any injuries you sustained in the attack. Remember, a dog attack can result in missed work – and lost job income. It can lead to medical bills required to treat the injury, along with rehabilitation measures. And of course the traumatic experience can leave long-lasting emotional pain.

These aren’t small items – they’re vitally important for your life. So the final step after you’ve been attacked – from severe bites to vicious injuries and scars – is to call the personal injury law experts. The legal team specializes in personal injury process and will guide you through as you seek a fair and just compensation from the owner for the impact of the dog attack.

This should be done quickly in the days after the dog attack. In the meeting with the legal team, you’ll learn how you can recover compensation for injuries from the incident. Be prepared to bring your injury’s medical documentation, photos and any first-hand notes you took of the attack.

Though it can be difficult for some people to relive a traumatic incident such as a dog bite, remember that your pain and suffering isn’t something that should be ignored.

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