What To Expect From An Energy Consultant

One of the most significant areas of concern for many companies today is that of energy usage. In addition to the expense of controlling energy cost that impacts their bottom line, there is also an emphasis on the image the company projects to the public. Many companies are “going green” as a way to lower their energy use and improve their public image. In order to do this, they may hire an individual to serve as the energy manager of the company or hire a third party company to handle energy-related issues. When considering these two options, energy consulting companies offer a number of advantages.

One of the biggest advantages of seeking out the services of professional energy consulting companies is their ability to evaluate their qualifications and establish whether they have had a successful history. As more of these companies emerge in response to evolving demands, distinguishing those with genuine credentials from the start-ups that have little experience to base their choices on is essential. They should also provide a wide range of services to address every area of concern for the specific business and the way that it operates. Different types of businesses use energy in different ways. Having the expertise to determine what changes need to be made in every area will determine the extent to which the energy consultant and the company they serve are successful. Some of the additional advantages of hiring energy consulting companies include:

  • Provides businesses with a direct link between the services rendered and their contribution to your success
  • Provides you with the professional services you need without adding a full-time employee to your payroll
  • Doesn’t take time away from you or your employees that is better spent elsewhere
  • You save time and money required for training a person within your organization
  • Professional energy consulting companies continually monitor the markets to stay aware of trends and changes that impact you and your business

One of the outstanding focal points that the energy consultant must focus on is the continually changing industry within which they work. In addition to staying current on these changes and the related data, they must also be proficient at applying their knowledge to make the best decisions for the business.

What To Expect From An Energy Consultant

After the Initial Consultation

Most energy consulting companies begin by doing an analysis of your current situation and determining the areas where excess energy is being used and the existing contracts you already have in place with energy companies.The energy consultant will then determine where there are options for lower-cost alternatives.

If you sign an authorization form to give the energy consultant access to your energy usage history from your energy provider, they can do a more accurate evaluation and analysis to determine the range of energy that is used by your business on a month-by-month basis. Once they have the information they need, they can contact energy providers to negotiate on your behalf.

Energy consulting companies usually have more expertise at comparing bids from different energy providers and ensuring each offer is comparable in service to the other. They will need to make sure there are no hidden ancillary charges that will impact your final cost. A report which compares all of your options will be presented to you for evaluation. The consultant will work with you to determine whether one of your options will provide you with the savings opportunity you need to improve your energy usage costs. If you choose to wait for a period of time before making any changes, the process will need to be repeated in order to address the changes that have occurred. Since energy consulting companies continually watch the market for changes, they should be aware when a dip occurs that will present the greatest opportunity to get an energy contract at the most attractive rate.

If you have made the best choice in energy consulting companies, they will continue to monitor how much energy your organization is consuming and at what cost. The transition to no-cost and low-cost energy sources should make a significant change in the usage and cost of your necessary energy. Energy companies determine the price of your energy according to tariffs which are difficult to understand and prone to constant change. A knowledgeable energy consultant will understand the different energy rate schedules available to your business and will have the expertise to determine which schedule will be the most cost-effective for you. They should also provide an audit service to determine if you have been billed incorrectly due to an error.

Hiring an Energy Consultant

When making the choice between several energy consulting companies, it is important to ask the right questions and do your research before you settle on one. Ask about previous results and what kinds of experience they have. Discuss your goals for changing your energy usage and how they would go about achieving them.

Work with Your Energy Consultant

In addition to getting the most cost-effective fuel source for your organization, it is also important to take as many energy-saving steps as possible to reduce the amount of energy you use. Outdated equipment that can be replaced with Energy Star rated equipment could quickly pay for itself in energy savings. Installing thermostats that reduce energy usage at night and on weekends when your employees are not in the facility is an option for many businesses while installing professional blinds over windows to keep out sunlight could have a greater impact on how much energy you use than you might realize. Also, using sustainable and recycled products whenever possible can have an impact on your image as an environmentally-friendly company.

Putting it Together

Experience and expertise are some of the most important reasons for hiring energy consulting companies instead of adding an individual to your payroll who may not be as efficient as reducing your energy costs. Working with your energy consultant to reduce your energy cost and taking steps to reduce energy usage will have the greatest impact on your bottom line and on the environment.

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